Friday, October 26, 2007

The "old dykes" home

Just what is it about the Wairarappa, come on Oswald Bastable, please tell us.
Anyway, a lesbian who lives there believes she has the perfect spot for an "old dykes" home.
Aggie Jakubska lives out in the bush with six other lesbian ladies- a positive harem of them, it seems.
Anyway, Aggie believes her 137ha property would be ideal and she plans others.
Now, the Wairarappa is the place where Georgine Beyer became the world's first transexual mayor and then MP, so it is obviously a beacon of tolerance.
And if the happy couple on our left cannot make the opening, then obviously that new Lesbian mayor of Levin, or wherever it was, can perform the honours.
And if ever Lucyna over at NZ Conservative ever needs a job, I'm sure the lesbians would be happy to receive her CV most favourably :)


JC said...

I think it makes pretty good sense.

A 137ha property , depending where it is, and I'll guess its in the argillite/sandstone belt towards the coast, should support about 9 ewe equivalents/ha or about 2 old cows per ha, provided the fertiliser is kept up just a bit and paddocks fenced down to about 6ha.

Allowing 7ha for housing and recreation, plus a touch of cropland, I think the property should support about 60 old cows or dykes. Obviously a dyke is a much smaller animal than a cow, so I'm building in a fair bit of redundancy which can be used for a surge of dykes over the growing season and the probability of quite a bit of seafood in the better weather. You can see how some Christian woman prospects could be turned over just a few weekends.

Hell, even us old blokes would be attracted to a non threatening place where there's just old dykes chewing the cud.


Ackers said...

Seriously, is this worth even commenting on or just an excuse for a few wing nuts to post a bit of predictable sexist drivel.

jc pretty much confirms the thesis.

KG said...

Hilarious, jc!
Just ignore acker's purse-lipped sanctimony--the left were ever humourless bastards.
As a Wairarapa resident, FFM I can confirm that we're all as tolerant,easygoing, inclusive and as kind as Oswald.
Well, perhaps not quite that kind....;-)


Lighten up Ackers, mate.
While there is the usual gratuitous dig at Helen and Judith, the article is more a dig at Lucyna, following her recent comments about lesbians at NZConservative.
Though I did find the original story quite funny, even if the proposal actually does make a lot of sense.
I wish Aggie success in her proposal.

Oswald Bastable said...

It's more of a case of we tend to mind our own friggin' business here.

Our business is taking money of Wellington day-trippers and lifestylers!

Still, I would rather have the queers and steers than the drug-addled criminal class that resides in east Masterton anyday!

KG said...