Monday, October 29, 2007

New Zealand First launches youth branch

And, Psycho Milt aside, you thought No Minsiters was made of Act and National supporters.
Ever to show our political pluralism, we are doing our bit to help NZ First.
After all, they do need it.
Hat tip Kiwi Blog
Youth and NZ First rarely go together in the same sentence, but the party hopes to change that with a new branch.
The brainchild of Porirua part-time music teacher Tim Manu, the new branch is open to 18 to 25-year-olds.
Mr Manu, 26, who was elected to Porirua City Council this month, said he had been frustrated while a student to see NZ First without such a group.
"You always had National . . . and Labour on campus, but there was never NZ First."


Andy Moore said...

Big lol. I used to respect Winston... but now NZ First has become Winston First and they're just a bunch of center losers...

pdq said...

Is "0900 ANGINA" for real ? ... Mind you, it probably resonates with NZ First's idea of "youth" though.

Anonymous said...

NZ First is once again on the rise! Watch Winston lead his party and supporters to victory in 2011!!