Monday, October 8, 2007

New threat to freedom of speech

When Dear Leader was in London last week, I doubt she was talking to Gordon Brown about public-private partnerships, like he created and she legislated for.
No, she might well have been discussing another crackdown on our civil liberties following the Electoral Finance Bill.
UK Liarbour, her British Bretheren, has just introduced the The Racial and Religious Hatred Act , carrying a threat of prison terms for a person who tries to stir up religious hatred.
As The Register notes, bloggers are included, so I better behave myself when I go for my annual Christmas visit to the family in Yorkshire.
Protecting 'minority' groups from racial harassment seems fair enough, but what about when radical/extreme ideologies are involved?
We have seen how extremists groups like radical Islamists are keen to exploit Western legal systems for their own ends, especially when helped by judicial activism, courts dominated by ideological lefties, all too keen to undermine their own governments.
The blogs Midnight Sun and Crusader Rabbit note how such legislation, though just for the UK, might well be applied in this part of the world. I can just picture such measures being a twinkle in Dear Leader's eye, perhaps for a fourth term to entrench her power. Or, more likely, perhaps rushed into law late at night, without debate.
Such measures have won the support of the Muslim community, even if the Islamists are the greatest proponents of religious hatred around. Weekly comes the cries to eliminate Jews and Israel, or unbelieving kuffars and infidels. The Koran itself most likely breaks the law too.
But what do we see in reality. People protest in Brussels about the 'Islamisation of Europe' and are arrested by the score, but when Islamists protest in London calling for the death of those who 'oppose Islam', the police stand meekly by.
Regardless of thelaw, I will carry out speaking against this evil religion. Just as I might the Spanish Inquisition, or the drowning of witches in the English Middle Ages. Islam, like any religion, is just a set of ideas, to be debated, to be challenged.
But mankind has moved on, beyond such evil barbarity. That means any civilised person must oppose the circumcision of young girls, the ill treatment of women, 'honour' killings, the killing of apostates, the killing, lashing or stoning of gays.
We should oppose doctrines that harm our freedoms. That is why, I will always oppose the barbaric and evil muslim faith wherever it rears its ugly head.
So Gordon, if you want to arrest me when I visit the place of my birth, go right ahead.
In the meantime, us Kiwis better make sure we do our bit to deter such measures by first defeating Liarbour with its Electoral Finance Bill. Investigate magazine has an initiative here, emailing MPs from minority parties. It adds to the KillTheBill Campaign run by the Free Speech Coalition. Then, of course, we need to ditch the bitch behind the bill.
But like I say, I'm not into drowning witches, removing Her from power will do.


Inventory2 said...

EE by gum Brother Fairfacts, thy better be careful when thy's talking about t'darkies or t'chinless scarf wearers!

pat said...

"That is why, I will always oppose the barbaric and evil muslim faith wherever it rears its ugly head."

Oooohh, tough guy..tell me, are you going to get that printed on a t-shirt and wear it around?
thought not..
just another gutless, chinless, hatemongering tory wanker.

KG said...

This just in:
moronic lefty retard masters use of keyboard!
Great contribution there, pat.Did the novelty of wanking in front of your Che' poster wear off or something?