Sunday, October 14, 2007

Naughty JAFFAs- How dare they vote for Banksie and the CitRats

Finally got round to picking up the Sundays papers and I was wondering how 'the left' were taking the council election results.
Well, where better to look than the Sunday Star-Times where Waitakere Mayor and Liarbour mouthpiece Bob Harvey calls the election of John Banks a "tragedy" that will set the city back 20 years.
The front page headline dramatically talks of 'war."
Whether or not Banksie has really 'transmorgified' into a lovable, soft and cuddly moderate, such a bitter attacks reflects more on Harvey than Banksie.
The Sunday Star-Times also quotes Prof Barry Gustapfson as saying local election results refelct more on local personalities rather than national trends and they do not signify a National victory in the next General Election.
Either way, I will repeat John Banks reporting that John Key was more enthusisastic than Helen Clark when he received his messages of congratulation yesterday evening.
The left might be upset but it is something they will have to get used to. The right were certainly happy last night.
Crowing aside though, Banksie will have tough times ahead, with Fran O'Sullivan reporting financial challenges, then we have the stadium issue. Last time, Banksie lost support over plans for an Auckland Eastern Motorway. That might not be resurrected, but judging by today's Herald on Sunday, a second harbour crossing might have to be an immediate priority, as the existing harbour bridge faces a 'catastrophic' failure..
My favourite option is a motorway tunnel from the end of the existing SH16 motorway near the Port and Stanley Street and going under the harbour coming out near the existing turn off off for Takapuna. I'm sure that will help Cullen spend his surplus and relieve some of Auckland's traffic problems.
But back to the left- ha! ha! tax and spend politics are unpopular, and like many local councils, that is how Liarbour has governed nationally throught its eight years in office.
And let us hope that the 'taxpayers or ratepayers revolt' seen at local body level will be reflected in spades come general election time.

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