Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Red Racists

One of the blogs I often read is Little Green Footballs- often slammed as 'Little Green Racists' by the lefty 'moonbats' who oppose its non-PC stance on multiculturalism, Islam and other matters.
But who are the racists really?
Surely it is those who want to treat people different because of their racial background.
So here we have a coup leader in Fiji under fire and branded a 'leper' by Dear Leader because he wants to replace a racially-based constituion dominated by an hereditary based Great Council of Chiefs with something more resembling one person one vote as found in most Western democracies. Col Banaramana recently outlined his plans to the United Nations, which Adolf also posted a few weeks back.
Now, gaining power through a coup might not be the best way to do things, but it seems Col Frank is serious in putting Fiji back on the road to recovery, based on racial equality.
Like I say, you think he'd get support for that in these quarters. But what do we have in New Zealand?
We don't have a written constitution as such but racism runs rife throughout government, both central and local. How racist can you get to have racially-based seats that are largely held by a racially-based party?
Or in your resource consent process, you have to effectively gain approval for your project by members of one particular race.
What makes matters worse is the parties that promote such racial seperatism often brand opponents to their racism as racist, even though the opposition will rightly believe in 'one nation' and 'one people.'
National Party deputy leader, the very liberal Bill English, was hardly radical with his calls when leader for "one standard of citizenship.'
A fair guide on the 'racism' of those who oppose the multi-culti PC trendiness on racial matters maybe gained on who their spouses are.
Bill English, you may recall has a Samoan wife, Judith Collins has a Samoan husband, Don Brash's wife comes from Singapore, Richard Prebble likes his Polynesian ladies and Rodney Hide was previously with an Asian lady. Racists indeed!
But I see no mixed marriages on the Labour benches.
Of course such a lack of racism in their personal lives is reflected in their political beliefs, such as wanting no seperate seats for Maori and backing a constitution where we are all equal.
So who are the real racists?, I would say the 'Little Red Racists', such as those socialists who support New Zealand's 'racist' status quo- Helen Clark, Liarbour, the Maori Party and such ilk, not just Tame Iti and his friends, including whitey Jamie Lockert who speaks of white people getting killed.

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Anonymous said...

God Clark's UGLY!

If we have to have a female socialist as PM why can't we have one like Segolene Royal?