Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laura Bush meets the ladies of Dubai

"The last time Laura Bush went on a Middle East tour, she lectured the Islamic folks there about the most pressing problem facing women. If you thought the prob was female genital mutilation/clitorectomies, honor killings, honor suicides, being forced to wear a hijab, niqab, or burqa, forced arranged marriages, or the lack of rights of women to obtain a divorce, own property, or drive, you would be . . . . WRONG!
Nope. Facing death by stoning or beheading for going the wrong way on any one of the items noted above ain't a big thing to good ole girl Laura. Instead, she highlighted the one thing that is ultimately less preventable and deliberate . . . Breast Cancer."
So wrote US blogger Debbie Schlussel a week ago about Dubya's better half's impending tour of the Islamic world, which is also covered by USA Today.
As Debbie notes, the irony is, while Mrs Bush panders to Islamofacist states, the leading country in the Middle East fighting breast cancer is , you've guessed it Israel!
And now she has arrived in supposedly moderate Dubai- the country that funds our yacht team and wanted to snap up Auckland Airport- we have the photo that encapsulates one of the many problems of Islam- it's treatment of women.
Debbie Schlussel makes another post this week, after the pics were published, adding a delightful caption competition.
All I will add, is at least by covering up the women don't have to worry about skin cancer!
UPDATE: I should have given a hat tip to Little Green Footballs but having just seen a posting on Fortress Australia, I am now thinking Debs was a little too harsh on Laura.
Fortress Australia believes Laura Bush "rocks" and her grace and style in those photos speaks a thousand words. She can deliver the clear message more clearly: Islam is an evil doctrine that treats women as slaves.

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Skyman said...

I must say the attack on Mrs. Bush surprises me. Here she was promoting health care for women and thus the value of women. That's a big step in the right direction for some countries.

Sometimes it's not the 'kick the door down and spray the room with lead' approach that gets the most accomplished.