Monday, October 22, 2007

IslamoFacism Awareness Week

It's Islamo-Facism Awareness Week, but without wanting to repeat much of what was said in New Zealand's Islamic Awareness Week, a short while back, I will keep it brief.

First, Islam expert Robert Spencer answers back to that expensive campaign in Britain which claims 'Islam is Peace', even with ads on buses similar to the ones Islamists blew up in London several years ago. I do hope the picture on the right, thanks Crusader Rabbit, is not real; I doubt its passengers would survive for long!
Aurora at The Midnight Sun links to 'Muslim contributions to our cultural enrichment.'
And in the US, Fox has just aired the 'Islam v Islamists' tv documentary, which liberal network PBS chickened out of showing. The documentary may find its way onto You Tube but a DVD is available.
Much is done to 'hide' the problems caused by Islam, such as this report of riots in Amsterdam, which Fortess Australia Outpost notes have lasted a week.
While Europe might seem to be falling prey to Islamisation and Dhimmitude, resistance to Islamist demands for the implementation of Sharia Law , the subjugation of women, and the killing of gays and those who leave the muslim faith seems to be growing.
In the meantime, enjoy this Islamist meeting his maker and those 72 virgins!

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Aurora said...

Thanks for the link, Fairfacts Media. That's a nice roundup of blog coverage you've got there. I love the red bus. (I must have missed that one over at Crusader Rabbit). That's got to be the fastest bus in London. Hahahaha.