Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Said I Would.........................

Helen,Winston and Alexander – Call Off The Dogs

I said I would report on the vicissitudes of life in Fiji.

First, the notorious adverse travel advisories.

Adolf has difficultly remembering any statements as full of pettifogging hyperbole and hysteria as the adverse travel advisories issued by the governments of NZ and Australia. They have crippled the tourism industry and have destroyed the livelihoods of literally thousands of ordinary Fijian families.

Adolf and the Cook looked in on three resorts well known to us in the Nadi area and occupancy was obviously less than 20% with few if any forward bookings. (Our own timeshare resort continues to enjoy over 90% occupancy.) Taxi drivers report trade is at rock bottom.

Second, general opinion

I talked to as many people as I could (Indo and ethnic) about the coup and the Commodore and without exception they ALL said they believed Mr Bainimarama was doing the right thing for the future stability and prosperity of Fiji. The locals had little sympathy for the crooks of the SDL party who were seen as largely corrupt elitists with their snouts in the taxpayer trough. Some of them reminded me that Qarase was about to enact legislation which would have (a) entrenched the legal right of these tribal elitists to blackmail every businessman in Fiji and (b) released the murderous plotters who perpetrated the previous coup and attempted to assassinate Cmdr Bainimarama. I was reminded also that these same plotters were widely perceived to have been encouraged by senior SDL party figures and by members of the corrupt Council of Chiefs.

Third, what of progress?

There is very good progress indeed. A new census has been completed. Readers might remember the completion of such a census is an essential prerequisite for a constitutionally legal election. Critics of the regime conveniently ignore the hard fact that the election which installed Qarase did not benefit from such a census.

Readers may not be aware that in Fiji, under it’s current racist and divisive ‘constitution,’ ethnic Fijians have two votes while Indo Fijians have one. Mr Bainimarama has circulated for discussion a new constitution entitled ‘The People’s Charter’ in which the ethnic gerrymander is abolished and replaced by genuine universal suffrage, wherein there is one vote for each person. He has indicated that this Charter will be put to referendum before the scheduled general election in March 2009.

Mischievous reports in the MSM have quoted The Cmdr as saying that Qarase and the SDL will not be allowed to stand in these elections. The fact of the matter is that what he did say is that anyone attempting to stand on the policies of the SDL would be prevented from doing so by the terms of the charter. In other words, their racist policies would be unconstitutional. All in all, I’d say that Mr Bainimarama is two or three degrees smarter than Helen Clark and Winston Peters and is jogging along about twenty metres in front of them while they gasp to keep up as they desperately try to prop up their own corrupt regime.

Fourth, how was the week?

Fabulous. From G & Ts at 1100 to warm water in the lagoon to 100 minute fast early morning walks to the humour that is just watching the locals being locals to a whole new meaning to the phrase 'gentle zephyr' as the temperature eased into the low thirties.


Barnsley Bill said...

I spent a week sailing around those islands a few years ago. Putting aside the fact that sailing is the most over romanticised past time ever invented, and I puked from arsehole to breakfast time every moment I was on the boat I had a wonderfull time.
The blatant manipulation of our domestic media by the beast in regards to what has really happened over there is a stark reminder of what we can expect when the EFB is passed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

's the whole thing in a nut shell, just for DPF, Winston and Helen.


Note the killer punch in the last para wherein the methos actually justify everything the Cmdr is doing. 'God put us there to rule...'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh, BTW, the eight soldiers implicated in a death in custody case have been charged with murder. That contrasts with the NZ cabinet minister who commits a grievous assoult on another person in the parliamentary precinct and escapes being charged because he is ' a friend of the Prime Minister.' So you tell me- which is the corrupt regime?

ZenTiger said...

Mallard giving Henare a tickle isn't the same as murder.

Mind you, getting a new portfolio, same money and effective position isn't the same as 'punishment' either.

Either way, our media has let us down again in their portrayal of politics in Fiji, by parroting the biased and damaging comments fed to them by Clark. A very one-sided reflection of a complex affair.

It was her handling of this event that convinced me that she is not U.N material - at least in terms of diplomatic ability. NZ could have had a strong role to play in lending support to Fiji in this period, rather than trying to bankrupt them. Pity.

Helen Clark is politically very astute and a strong leader, but only in regard to local politics.

The UN possibly have an opening for Clark in other areas around wasting large sums of money on faux-peacekeeping efforts.