Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The hypocritic oath

Here's what happens when you have med students who've grown up watching filth like "24" and "NCIS" all their lives:

Students did no better when asked if they, as physicians, should obey any of three hypothetical orders: to threaten a detainee with psychotropic drugs that would not actually be given; to give detainees a shot of harmless saline solution that they've been led to believe is a lethal injection; to kill a detainee with a genuine lethal injection. More than a quarter of the respondents said they would do the first two but not the third. Six percent said they would do any of the three. The right answer, according to the Geneva conventions, as well as the American Medical Association, is none of the above.

Full story: www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1675614,00.html

As a counterpoint let me add that during my time in Kuwait, I met several US doctors on their way in or out of Iraq with the National Guard, none of whom displayed any indication of being the kind of sick f*ck described in this article.


Anonymous said...

That would be Hippocratic Oath

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Psycho Milt said...

Indeed it would. My use of the term "Hypocritic Oath" was what is generally termed an "ironic reference" - not an unprecedented or particular stellar example of one, but then it's not like anyone's paying me to write them.

george said...

Years back I attended a US commencement ceremony for a friend who was graduating as a medical doctor. Great pomp and ceremony. Ermine robes, mortars and gowns, the hippocratic oath being repeated en masse in Latin, weighty speeches, parents relieved of financial burden looking jubilant Etc. etc. Then we retired for a private celebratory meal. Enroute to the restaurant we had to crawl past a garage sale of a motorway smash. I said to my mate do you want me to stop so you can help. His answer appalled me.
" Thats one thing our professors told us never to do, you will get your butt sued to kingdom come"

I haven't expected much from the proclaimers of that oath since then.