Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hillary's paid army of bloggers: and does Helen have one too?

Hot on the heels of No Minister on Tuesday reporting how the (UK) Independent newspaper proved it wasn't by passing off government propoganda as its own work, we now turn over to a fresh case of lefty media manipulation.
Hilary Clinton has been exposed as a funder of left wing blogs in a scandal branded as 'bloggergate.'
The rorting of the New Media, it seems has gone on largely unnoticed for several years, until a video of Clinton posted this month on You Tube exposed the affair for all to see.
Such abuses of corporate funding may even be against the law, not that lawbreaking ever bothered the Clintons when they were in the White House.
Either way, the evidence all seems pretty damning as covered in these stories here, here and here.
It all makes us wonder about the New Zealand blogosphere.
There has been some discussion on right-wing blogs about whether left-wing 'trolls' are deliberately setting out to damage David Farrar's highly successful Kiwiblog, by them hijacking debates. Are they doing it independently, or acting on orders from Liarbour command?
And, like in America, might we have money from Trades Unions or wherever, being paid direct to employ Pro-Liarbour bloggers here? Might such a method overcome Liarbour's planned Electoral Finance Bill? Who would know if someone was getting paid or not?
For myself and the others I know, blogging is , dare I use the word, a labour of love.
Hat Tip: Aurora at The Midnight Sun.


Anonymous said...

FFS FFM, if you're going to take your lead from the likes of Midnight sun I'd be keen to lump you in with them and chuckie over at LGFs and call you a vile racist bigot. Am I wrong?.


yes you are anonymous.
I take my leads from various places
and judge each post on its merits.
Now, where does the 'racism' come in opposing an evil religion like Islam?
I could convert to the faith tomorrow but would never be allowed to leave.
But I could never change the colour of my skin or ancestry.
Thanks for your comment, anyway.

Murray said...

I'm paid by Karl Rove myself.

Anonymous said...

Apology offered FFM and I hope you'll accept. But I still find the bile that spews from sites such as LGF and MNS rather disturbing and hope that the hate that is tossed around so freely never takes root here.