Monday, October 15, 2007

The Face of Terror ????

Strange goings on down in Tuhoe Country and across New Zealand with tales of terrorist training camps.
Arrests of Greens and Maori activists, but no sign yet of any Exclusive Bretheren or right-wing bloggers.
Helen hasn't passed the Election Finance Bill yet.
No word of any muslim Islamofacists either.
Perhaps, as someone said at Kiwiblog, we will find a ragbag outfit called Te Queda?
Granny Herald reports here.
Stuff reports here.
Michael Field at Fairfax also profiles Tame Iti, noting his Communist past and visits to China.
Now, that Fairfax is reporting Iti's leftist leanings, then one can only wonder how deep they are.
I bet Trevor Loudon is uncovering them as we write.
UPDATE: From NZPA. This article mentions the involvement of 'peace activists.'
UPDATE2: Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury at Tumeke! reports back from the activist community:
"The shit is REALLY going to hit the fan

I've just come back from talking with some people in the activist community who have an idea of what is going on here, and if the allegations as I understand them are true, this country is about to get very, very, very angry.
The revelations had my jaw fall open - though I don't believe for one moment what will be revealed is anything more than stupid arrogant boasts on the behalf of those who have been caught, middle NZ will recoil in horror and the right wing are about to be handed the most devestating home goal from a group of clowns who are about to set off a chain reaction the ends of which simply can't be determined.
two things seem certain:
I: God forgive me, but as I understand it (and I'm open to being wrong, please let me be wrong) BUT the Police look like they were right to be concerned
2: There is going to be outrage when the full story gets out the likes of which talkback have never dreamt of.Things are about to get really bumpy and I fear where this is going to end.
I'm going to bed in the hope this is all one bad dream."


Anonymous said...

A great title, Fairfacts.

Look into this man Tama Iti's eyes.

Ignore the facial self-mutilation. Ignore his history of grandstanding and theatrics. Ignore, if you will, his avowed stance in the cause of revolution and the overthrow of our society and values.

Just look into his eyes...

Whaleoil said...

Someone scribbled all over his face with a marker, boy he must be a big wussy to let that happen

Anonymous said...

I suppose that was a facetious comment, Whale old boy, but what is your point?