Friday, October 26, 2007

Ducky's new bird

So Mallard's 'other woman' is finally exposed. It's former world champion rower Brenda Lawson.
Poor Brenda will no doubt be the source of much amusement in the coming days, and will probably regret any involvement with Mallard.
But that's life.
I look forward to seeing interesting profiles on her in the weekend papers. I know that's what the Brits would do, even 'respectable' broadsheets like the Guardian or the Sunday Times.
In the meantime, there's renewed speculation on the impact of Mallard's brawling on his career.
Martin Kay at Stuff clearly states the matter in question. Mallard has been 'hoist on his own petard' and 'what goes around , comes around.'
Mallard only has himself to blame for his misfortune.
Finally, enjoy Whale Oil's latest graphical exercise.
'Ducky' seems a nice name for Mallard.
I wonder what might happen if you called him that to his face.

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