Thursday, October 25, 2007

Duckman: The gift that keeps on giving!

David Farrar at Kiwiblog, the other day, referred to David Benson-Pone as 'The Gift that keeps in giving" when Panty Slut Boy announced his intention to stay on as Liarbour member for Dunedin South.
The same can obviously be said of Trevor Mallard, who has been scrapping with Tau Henare about his love life.
Tau branded Mallard a hypocrite because, as we all know, Mallard raised the issue of Don Brash's love life with taunts in parliamaent of 'How's Diane' in respect to Auckland businesswomen Diane Foreman, whom Brash was accused of having an affair with.
Early this year, Mallard left his wife. He even told the Press Gallery to respect his privacy, who like sheep did, until word reached the blogosphere and cyberspace that Mallard was getting his beak into a netballer.
The question is, which one? We thought the Herald on Sunday had the right answer, but apparantly not, and Mallard forced Granny to issue an apology.
But the truth obviously hurts. Mallard is a hypocrite. You cannot go throwing stones as he hid, when his own bawdy house is obviously in disorder. Even Dear`Leader is not amused.
Phil Goff must be even happier today.
UPDATE: More details merge, such as 'Mallard punched me." Career speculation and Herald readers aren't happy with Duckman.
Colin Espiner lands a few punches too, with Audrey Young also giving Mallard a good slap.


Anonymous said...

Wait until you find out what is going to happen to Mallard next.....


I'm all excited.
Give us a clue, please?