Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Leader defends her fucky Ducky

The nation's leading spinster, Helen Clark, has been defending her attack dog- Trevor Mallard, over him punching Tau Henare.
"I think he felt he was defending a women's integrity - a woman who had been quite wrongly and unfairly named in Parliament by Mr Henare as involved with Mr Mallard, but it should not have got to fisticuffs," she told Newztalk ZB.
How very chivalrous of Ducky we might add.
But which woman's integrity? Brenda the rower, or Sharon (not Burridge/Gold) but one, we hear Brenda won't be too pleased about.
But there's no such chivalry from Whale Oil, who offers these two amusing Mallard videos to the blogosphere.

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Anonymous said...

Golly, the PM is just an old fashioned kind of gal. Bless her.