Monday, October 8, 2007

Curse of Dear Leader strikes again as Gordon loses his bottle

So it's official, and to great ridicule and condemnation, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has written a book on 'Courage," of all things, has called off an Autumn election.
As No Minister has reported over the past few days, the UK Tories have got their act together with (note to New Zealand National) policies including taxcuts, a shift back to appealing to the grassroots and the leader Dave Cameron finally living up to his promises and finally delivering a great speech.
Gordon Brown's trip to Iraq, which followed straight after him pushing Dear Leader out into the rain, backfired, as people saw it as a cynical exercise in spin.
Now, I did say a good Tory conference with traditional values of taxcuts as transforming UK Liarbour's fortunes, but following the All Black's defeat in Cardiff at the hands of the cheese eating surrender monkeys, I have uncovered the true reason why Gordon 'bottled out' of an Autumn poll. And why the polls , the economy , the UK press, have now turned against him and UK Liarbour. And why UK Blogger Guido Fawkes now refers to his government as 'Brownies.'
It was the curse of Dear Leader. After the Wicked Witch visited Brown last Monday, that was when it all started to go wrong for him, just like when she turns up for the ABs or Team NZ.
"We had a very good meeting. I spent an hour with Gordon Brown talking about climate change and some of the things we could be doing together," said Miss Clark.
Yes 'climate change' is real; the changing political climate in Britain Dear Leader brought on by her Downing Street discussions and personal face-to-face support for Gordon.
Now, she is on her way home, I trust Dear Leader can stop off in Sydney for a visit to see Labor Leader Kevni Rudd to repeat her magic. If she doesn't, I'm sure John Howard, still languishing in the polls, will shout her the fare. That's about the lead Brown enjoyed too.

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