Saturday, October 27, 2007

Convicted drink driver Dyson stirs the shit

If ever you doubted there were some nasty little weasels in the Liarbour Party, take a look at Ruth Dyson.
First of all, Dyson has been exposed as leading an email campaign against former Labour cabinet minister Dr Michael Bassett after he attacked Dear Leader in a Christchurch Press column.
Of course, all parties do their bit to coax members into writing to local papers, talkback radio, etc, to get their party message across.
But Dear Leader must be in such great danger if she needs a 'praetorian guard' out there protecting her like this.
Nonetheless, as former Alliance President Matt McCarten notes, it is 'unwise' for ministers to get involved in directing party members like this, when it should be done at a local level.
Either way, the whole business shows how Liarbour especially like to manipulate the media with its faux outrage and media campaigning.
Dyson also gave some faux outrage over Rodney Hide wanting parliament to discipline Trevor Mallard over him thumping Tau Henare.
Dyson says she is 'gobsmacked' at Hide's 'hypocracy' because Rodney opposed the Section 59 anti-smacking bill.
Well, as a convicted drink driver, I can only hope Dyson hasn't been involved in any campaigns concerning road safety.

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