Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Climate Change" critics put heat on Liarbour

As Liarbour drives (in a Pruis, of course) down the road to 'environmental sustainability' , more roadblocks are discovered , preventing us reaching the destination of some kind of Green Nirvana, which doesn't exist anyway.
On Labour Day, I speculated how a Maori-run Aotorea might have turned out without Pakeha colonisation and fantasised about some pastoral, agrarian state, economically on the same level as Chile or Argentina.
This seems to be the kind of future Liarbour has in store for us, so make the most of your SUVs, your plasma tellies, before Liarbour bans them, as it announced the other week.
Not that you'll be able to afford them in future, mind you.
No, Liarbour seems intent on a deliberate de-industrialisation of New Zealand, a rejection of civlised, modern living and all its comforts. If you live in Dunedin, stock up on your thermals and prepare to wrap up well.
Liarbour's energy policy, announed the other week, included a ban on new fossil-fueled power stations, relying on wind power to take up the slack. But even those who sympathised with Liarbour's initial goals, such as Colin Espiner at Stuff, realised the unreality of Liarbour policy, something we noted here at No Minister.
Today, the New Zealand Institute calls on the government to scrap its committment to the Kyoto Protocal, saying current greenhouse reduction targets are too ambitious, and will damage industry, which will simply move to other, less restrictive countries, thus negating any overall benefit to the environment.
National Leader John Key agrees in such a balance and Fran O'Sullivan at the NZ Herald, noting the government is 'steamrolling' its policies through, calls the NZI's message' a wake-up call to government.'
Of course, there still remains debate on the whole 'climate change' business. More inaccuracies, some 35 in total, not just 9 claimed by a British High Court judge, have been found in Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth.' All suggesting the inconvenient truth that in Gore's movie, there just isn't any. So why all the economic destruction over a Climate Change scenario that looks unlikely to happen as claimed, or if it does, it's happening naturally, when it was just a few decades ago, predictions of Ice Age was all the rage?
It's all about control, control, control. After the defeat of Communism, the socialists and politicians want to deliver totalitarianism through the back door, and what better way than to scare people with greenie tales of doom and gloom, environmental apocalypse, etc, etc.
Now, as for those polar bears in the infamous picture above, it seems global warming may not cause their demise, hunting is a greater threat, and their populations may actually be doing rather swimmingly!


Falafulu Fisi said...

Good article from David Skilling on the NZ Herald who thinks that the government is implementing a number of policies to combat climate change to the detriment of the economy. The government is trying to paint a picture of itself as a darling in terms of combating global warming whereas the real polluters such as China, India, etc, are laughing at our naivety.

george said...

If polar bears are dying in the tropical Arctic waters why not have a whip round to buy Greenpeace some blade shears.

They can give the critters a Number 1. It might kill two birds with one stone