Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cretinous Cullen confirms he's a leader in New Zealand's Nasty Party!

If there was any doubt that Liarbour in New Zealand is the 'nasty' party, it came from Michael Cullen last week.
We can put Trevor Mallard to one side today, who obviously showed he cannot take what he dishes himself.
We can also put aside Dear Leader who infamously called Don Brash 'cancerous' and 'corrosive.'
No, let us reserve our comptempt for Michael Cullen for his treatment of Christchurch businessman Dave Henderson.
Under the protection of parliamentary priviledge, once Cullen claimed that "Dave Henderson, or Hendo, is one of the biggest and nastiest tax evaders in this country – who ran the sex industry in Christchurch and avoided tax thereon?".
Rodney Hide (pictured, with the actor who plays him) has raised the issue in Parliament , adding that Dave Henderson will never get fair treatment from the IRD because the finance minister believes he is a criminal.
Cullen declined to retract his previous allegations, saying it would give direction to the IRD, which he is not meant to do.
Now, Dave Henderson fought back against IRD claims of tax evasion and has never been charged or convicted of evading tax, something now written into parliamentary records.
His battle has also been made into a movie called : "We're Here to Help."
Of course, it adds irony to the fact that the movie has received $1.8 million of government funding.And of course, Henderson is now landlord of the IRD building in Christchurch.
Now the film is released on November 8, but see it while you can.
Rodney Hide says, as noted by David Farrar at Kiwiblog yesterday, that under the current wording of the Electoral Finance Bill, the government subsidised movie could be illegal from January1!
Either way, the fact remains, by his actions, Cullen shows what a nasty little man he is.
But there again, he is a leading light in New Zealand's nasty party.
Hat Tip: Hitting Metal.


Peak Oil Conspiracy said...

Hey Fairfacts - welcome back to the full-time blogosphere!

Let's not forget Jordan Carter's one-eyed salute to National earlier this year - calling them the "Nasty Party". Now what does Jordan make of these latest developments? And how many rats are left on Labour's sinking ship?


Cheers Peak Oil

The term 'Nasty Party' has been around for some years.

Early this century, one of the leading Tories in Britain (Theresa May?) used that to describe her own party, which was quite controversial.

Yes, the party needed some 'renewal' and 'modernisation' to grapple with Blairism, but I doubt the UK Tories were ever 'nasty' having being one myself :) before coming to NZ.
Promoting self-reliance is one thing, which you might call tough-love, can be seen as harsh and uncaring by some.
But nasty is different.
There are ethics and values underneath and you need to judge those ethics and values.
And here we see that Liarbour is increasingly wanting.
Cullen could have admitted he was wrong and apologised, 'moved on' but chose not to.
Like Clark going over board with her bitter and personal attacks against Don Brash, Cullen simply showed he was nasty.