Sunday, October 28, 2007

Auckland Marathon

While all of you were catching forty winks and then slurping on your lattes I was running from Devonport through Takapuna and across the Harbour Bridge and then out to St Heliers and back to Victoria Park.

I don't recommend it despite the enjoyment I had crossing the finish line in just on 4 hours.

I had planned/hoped to finish in 3:45 but slowed down in the head wind along along Tamaki Drive.

Now I'm very sore. It's a pleasant sore though.

I might stick to half marathons in the future. Much easier on my old bones.


Anonymous said...

What was your bib number so I can see your photo
I made just over 3.50 for my first and was very sore.
Both legs cramped up after the run. Was in a bit of pain but must have looked funny to other people.
Did not think the wind was to much of a factor

Anonymous said...

Blaming the wind is my easy way of saying I blew up!