Friday, October 19, 2007

Adolf Supports Labour

Much as it goes against the grain, Adolf supports the Cancerous Cow's remarks from afar about the police raids this week. Even more remarkable, Adolf agrees entirely with those of the Maori Affairs Minister El Gargantua.

I have been a fan of Dr Pita Sharples for long time. He has worked hard and effectively for the betterment of 'his people' over many years but this week he lost 90% of his brownie points (ha ha ha) with his bizarre and foolish outburst in Australia. Maybe that Carlton Draft is a bit too strong, eh Pete?

If only commentators, politicians and cub reporters could bite their tongues and wait until the dust settles, we might all be better off.

I heard some rabid feminist bro lawyer rabbiting on this morning on Radio Left Wing about the pernicious police who put 'storm troopers' into Ruatoki valley but not in Auckland. Presumably she would have felt appeased if Parnell had been locked down - then there would have been racial balance. What have these people got instead of brains?

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If she can tell me where there is a terrorist training camp in Parnell, I'll personally assist the AOS in sealing off all the exits from the rugged and remote hills of Northwest Parnell.


ZenTiger said...

I think this whole deal is a storm in a teacup - and I agree we need to wait until the dust settles.

However, Pita banging on about how it has set back Maori relations 100 years is ridiculous. That's like saying "they were just peacefully storing up weapons, but now that you've annoyed us with these racially motivated arrests, expect a civil war"


Is that like capturing Burton is setting back white relations 100 years? Is he "one of ours"??

I'm sure Burton was only acting out of post colonial stress syndrome...

Our Police should be investigating fringe lunatic groups, even if they are full of wind and not dirt. It can give others a bit of a wake up call. You don't make bomb jokes it the airport either.

ZenTiger said...

And surely you are merely supporting a sentiment expressed by Labour, not actual Labour policies.

I think there is a difference, and your soul is safe.

Anonymous said...

come on adolf..!

you are old enough to have heard this bullshit every decade or so..

(i mean..bite my tongue for mentioning his name)..but ross meurant was 'nearest to the money' imho..

he noted that he himself had made inflammatory speechs on this very subject..

fuelled by 'police-reports' from his day..

meurant said the problem with the cops is that they tend to believe their own bullshit..

'tewwowwists' in new zealand..?


you'd may as well call those rightwing loonies who dress up in cammo-drag..

play with guns in the bush..

and sit around their campfires planning for 'the rapture'..