Sunday, September 16, 2007

Will South Africa be the next Zimbabwe?

Yes, Aparthied was wrong but is the New South Africa, the 'Rainbow Nation,' any improvement on what went on before?

It seems that its ANC government is persuing its own form of racism almost as evil as the old.

Rapport newspaper writes:

"South Africa's 3-million Afrikaners -- all multilingual people with a high standard Western education and a protestant work ethnic -- are being forced back into the stone-age by the current ANC-regime's laws which bars such 'whites' from the labour market."

Of course, it was inevitable there would be some forms of 'affirmative action' or 'postive discrimination' to make up for the years of Aparthied rule, but does it have to be so blatant, so widespread and so obviously so destructive to South Africa's people and economy, as this second report shows the impact of such poverty on families.

It seems totally unfair to replace one set of racism with another, especially when it means those discriminated against will be better educated, qualified, etc. And if you don't pick your best people, you don't do as well as you might. Thus, business, government, the economy suffers.

South Africa's wealth might be cushioned by the current global minerals boom, but how soon before it faces the racist destruction of a once-prosperous economy, as seen over the border in Zimbabwe?

You would think Zimbabwe under Mugabe, or the post-colonial experience of most other African countries, might guide South Africa down a better path. It appears not.

I guess we can look forward to more South African immigrants into New Zealand. I know quite a few already, typically liberal journos in Auckland who sought the end of Apartheid themselves. The one exception lives in Hamilton, views his country as 'the Third World' and probably subscribes to the view of this blog 'South Africa Sux.'
However, the new plight of South Africa's whites remains uncovered by the MSM, which is why my links for South Africa are blog-related.

Might I add, this comes on top of another rarely told story, the deaths of 1700 white South African farmers (according to Wikipedia) in recent years, many of whom already face the taking by government of their land.

Last Year, I heard about the subject of murdered farmers on an Australian radio station but it appears that you need to seek out more from the blogs, such as this, which talks of the 'genocide' of the Boers.
In the meantime, neighbouring Zimbabwe has gone further down the path of racial socialism with the fastest shrinking economy in the world. The Economist notes further economic destruction here and the Church of England Archbishop of York, a black man, is calling for sanctions against the "racist" Mugabe government.
It is interesting to see that the failure of racist Marxist Zimbabwe is there for all to see, that the media cannot ignore it, so we get reportage on how its new racism his killing its economy and people.
But I guess that after decades of championing the end of Aparthied in South Africa to see it replaced there with a new form of racism and 'genocide' is hardly what the MSM had in mind.


mawm said...

Nobel laureate, Desmond Tutu, has frequently highlighted the abject failure of this ANC government in the alleviation of black poverty, crime and corruption.

The restrictions placed on companies that are not black-owned are phenomenal. No goverment contracts can be awarded to a company that does not have a percentage of black ownership, there are rules about the make-up of racial quotas in businesses above a certain size, BEE essentially hands over power and vast sums of money to blacks , etc. Unfortunately it is always the same small group who are benefitting from these deals. The rank and file black person is worse off than under the National party government.

In getting into university, white males are severely disadvantaged and later in any job application, if there are applicants of different colour, it has to go to the black one even if the white is clearly more suitable. The other coloured races are also at a distict disadvantage.

The murder of rural people, including farmers, has been going on for the last 15 years or so. They are horribly sadistic and violent crimes, most often perpetrated against an elderly farming couple, just to get hold of guns and small amounts of money

With out of control crime and AIDS South Africa has become an unattractive place to live. With poor prospects in SA it is no wonder that there are so many (reluctant) immigrants to countries like Australia and New Zealand.

The economy is too strong and there are too many large and successful businesses for South Africa to go the way of Zimbabwe for some time yet. Maybe the ANC government will begin to look beyond its own interests before this happens. Until then there will be more and more corruption, theft from the public purse, and huge sweetners by European arms dealers to sell overpriced and unneccessary weaponry from which the highest office bearers have personally benefitted enormously.

Dave Mann said...

Bloody Hell, mawm, that paints a horrible picture.

I suspect that I could be accused by some of being on the more 'racist' end of the spectrum, but I sincerely wonder what life would have been like for Africans as a rule during the colonial times. It would be fantastic to have been a fly on the wall and to be able to compare their lives with the typical lives lead by Africans today.

Obviously one can't lump all Africans together as an amorphous mass and generalisation can be a dangerous way of predicating an argument - but all the same, I am almost sure in my bones that the typical African today in Zimbabwe, Zambia or Zaire is living a totally shit life compared to his grandparents.

The colonial governments just wouldn't have tolerated the kinds of disease, crime, corruption, violence and degradation that pervades the whole continent now. This surely is obvious from the fact alone that these African colonies were basically producing countries that functioned whereas now thay are just cesspits.

mawm said...

Dave - It is difficult to say as I was never in their position, but on balance for the rank and file African I cannot see how their lives have improved through out Africa. Sure they are enfranchised but that does not get them out of the black pit of poverty.

Under the National Party government the same amount of schooling (maybe more) was available, their health care was catered for (better than now), there was positive job growth(which of course was severely hampered by international sanctions), transport and other services were in place (except in the very rural areas), etc.

The biggest positive contribution to betterment of quality of life still remains strong wealth creation by having a boyant economy that all may participate in. For South Africa, the whole of Africa has opened up as its market place and the banks, supermarket chains and telecommunication companies, etc, are doing exceptionally well. This must have a spin off to the average Joe Soap. The present government's policies are just enriching the elite blacks but the private sector will grow South Africa, with or without its stupid governmental.

The greatest threat at present is the prospect of Jacob Zuma taking the reins of the ANC. Mbeki has been a lame duck, but Zuma will be baaaad news with his extreme Marxist views.

Aurora said...

Great dynamic blog you have here. I just found your link back to us. Thanks for that. Mawm is exactly right about the rank and file being worse off under the new government. The bad news about Africa just keeps rolling in ever since they started their progroms against the whites. I'm afraid I can see nothing but complete devastation there barring a complete paradigm shift in the near future.