Monday, September 24, 2007

Which Kiwi celebs should appear on a National Party "A" List

When I saw the story in the Herald on Sunday, about soap star Adam Rickitt being caught shoplifting, I wondered how soon before the British media found out.
It seems he made some of the Sundays there too, plus the blogs as well, with Guido Fawkes being tipped off by a certain Kiwiblog.
What gets the media into a lather over this story, is not just that Rickitt is a soap star and pop star, having appeared in Coronation Street, as well as his current run in Shortland Street, he is also a would-be politician.
UK Tory leader Dave Cameron has placed him on an 'A'list of potential candidates, though Rickitt appears to have put his political ambitions on hold for now.
Indeed, if as widely speculated, if Gordon Brown does call a UK General Election today, I guess Rickitt has blown it for this term.
But it does beg the question. How appropriate is it for soap stars, tv stars and celebrities to run for office? Can they do a good job?
Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwartzeneggar and Fred Thompson delivered the goods for the US Republicans.
But I'm not aware of anyone remotely similar here in New Zealand?
Are there any out there? If not, who would we like to run for National?
And back to the British soap scene, while UK Labour could count on a few stars, until Rickitt came along, the best the UK Tories could attract was the actor who played Coronation Street's Ken Barlow, unless we include US soap glamourpuss, Dynastry's Alexis Carrington, the lovely Joan Collins.
BTW While Rickitt is in New Zealand, I do hope he gets plenty of good honest kiwi tucker inside him as he looks decidely thin and unhealthy. Adam Rickets might be a better name.


dad4justice said...

Is this pretty boy cry baby thief on Clitler's List or Standard Shirt Lifter duties ?


Well D4J , this pretty boy has quite a gay following in Britain.
But he is on the Conservative Party list there, and has nothing to do with Clitler's List.
You could say he's on Lord Snooty's list.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Rachel McKenna in Shortland Street.
Don't know what her political views are but Angela bloomfield would be an assett to National.