Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to the David and Nicky Show!

Well, who would have thought it!
David Farrar and Nicky Hagar appearing before a select committee within minutes of each other today- and being on the same side!
Of course, both have different ideas over campaign laws, but what an indictment we have concerning Liarbour's plan to stifle opposition and steal the forthcoming coming election, that National's nemisis and one of the party's greatest cheerleaders (and assets) find themselves almost side by side in opposing Helengrad.


helmet said...

What a couple of studs!

dad4justice said...

I presume that the lickspittle - back stabber is the nerd in the photo on the left and the good bloke is on the right side ??

Its a funny ol' world, Hagar the Horrible was a laugh a minute, not much has changed .

The communists will push the bill through regardless even if King Kong turned up to address the select com, what a croc of shit !

Anonymous said...

do you think they share a common parent..?


Anonymous said...

They do look very similar.

Almost two common parents phil.