Friday, September 28, 2007

The Trouble with Being A Leftie.......

It must be really tough being a leftie. You have to expend so much energy drumming up crises like GoreBull Warming, smacking parents who smack kids, stealing enough money to rort yet another election, screaming inane insults at the Dumbest President Ever, yet every time you think you are about to get somewhere, some bastard comes along and chops you off at the knees.

It's interesting to note that since the Dopey Dhimocrats pinned all their electoral hopes on rubbishing Dubbya's efforts in Iraq and thereby won control of the Congress and the Senate nearly a year ago, they have steadfastly shouted loudly but achieved not one iota in their proclaimed objective of declaring defeat and bring 'the boys' home. The Dumbest President has seen them off and given them the flick at every turn. Worse still, it looks as though the Dhims are about to admit defeat themselves and commit to keeping a long term significant American military presence in Iraq. It must have been a hell of a shock to them and to phil u, to find that in fact there really is an axis of evil and it had placed some serious nucear capability in the hands of Syria and by default Iran. Even more of a shock to find that after release of hitherto secret transcripts of conversations between Dubbya and the Spanish President of the time, there is clear evidence Saddam told Egypt and Libya that he had WMD capability. Worse still, it suddenly dawns on them that there is no civil war in Iraq, that the neocons were right in their assessment that ALL the trouble is being fermented by Saudi and Iranian outsiders and the latest change in US tactics is turning out to be remarkable successful. Dear oh dear. What can they do now to assist Al Qaeda and Iran defeat the evil Bush?

Funny how the lefties seem to have gone all quiet on the theory that parents smacking kids is the cause of family violence and child murder. They got their legislation through and after uttering the immortal famous last words 'now the kids will be safe' there has been a procession of fatally injured children dumped into hospital by their fucked up parents - mostly Maori.

Worse still, the real world is waking up to the great con job that is global warming. There is no scientific consensus on man made global warming and at last people are starting to seriously question the vast conspiracy of media, politics and fiscally motivated pseudo scientists who are more interested in securing their university tenure than they are in dispassionate analysis. Kyoto has been called for the nonsense that it is with widespread fraudulent transactions being the oprder of theday in carbon trading markets.

Then we have our very own fraudulent scandal in the form of Labour's last ditch effort to steal our money for the next election campaign, the Electoral Finance Bill. If you go over to Farrar's place you will see what happens to devoted lefties like sonic, tane and robinson when they become infected with Naegleria fowleri.

It is difficult to find examples of more consistent failures than these poor unfortunate creatures.


Anonymous said...

Mission accomplished!

Ackers said...

Actually Adolf most of us are having way too much fun to feel the pain you ascribe to us. A long weekend in Sydney, both footy finals, Sleaze Ball.....the sun is shining 28 degrees......we'll probably surface Wednesday morning, brain cells nicely realigned....what more could one ask for?

Oh and the Morgan out today is music for the soul. A two-party split of 60.5-39.5. No need to tell you who's sitting on 39.5


Give our love to Helen and Judith at the Sleaze ball , Ackers.
I must admit the lead for Labor is worrying.
Kevni seems reasonably ok but I have heard bad things that Gillard is the one that really wears the trousers.
It would be a real tragedy if Australia makes the same mistake that NZ did in 99.
Liarbour is so bad herer, that kiws flee in there thousands. Nay, tens of thousands.
You Australians may be in for a very hard and expensive lesson.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you flee then come back fairfacts(sic) media?