Friday, September 28, 2007

There are no gays in Iran!

Oh Mahmoud, sweetie, look at you here darling.
And isn't he just soooo gorgeous , sweetheart!
You cannot beat a real man with a beard. Is he a big boy too!?
After the business involving the son of Bill English, I was reluctant to post on gay matters.
But this pic is just all too delicious to resist.
I found it online yesterday, having read President Armed Jihad's speeches in the US on Little Green Footballs and our own Liberty Scott blog.
In it, the Iranian president said there were no homosexuals in Iran.
When told they were, he asked for their addresses, saying his government wanted to know.
Now, was this so he could execute a few more, or so the muslim man-lover could have them for his own pleasures?
I guess we can put it all down to cultural differences.
But it's not like man-on-man action is unknown in the muslim Middle- east.
And we mustn't forget Yasser Arafat liked his men too, as we recall this blog post a few weeks back......


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Fiar go, Fair facts.

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