Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So the Christian convert has to go, while the convicted Islamic terrorist stays?

I'm normally among the first to complain that the country is being overrun with immigrants.
I just look at my old country- Britain -and see how Blair opened the floodgates and even the Guardian at the turn of the century reported on its front page that by 2020 , the ethnic English whites will be a minority in London, and a minority in the whole of Britain by the end of the century.
For me to come to New Zealand and gain residency and then citizenship, it was an expensive and costly process. I needed to have a degree, which I had, and a job offer (which I eventually got after employing an immigration firm), and I had to pass health and character tests.
So it pisses me off to see queue jumpers like so-called asylum seekers and 'refugees' trying to gain instant entry.
The Ali Panah case presents a complete 'compare and contrast' approach for asylum case watchers everywhere. It appears, according to the Herald's John Armstrong, that Ali Panah hasn't been entirely honest in his claims, or at least the government authorities are not been so soft hearted this time. Maybe they have learnt from experience, particularly this case, Ahmed Zaoui.
Here is someone else who also falsified passports, but Zaoui is also a convicted terrorist expelled from several countries, a former Algerian MP known for his support for radical Islam.
Panah, by contrast, appears to have no links to any terrorist or extremist groups. He is simply a Christian convert in fear of his life.
Zaoui's case is well documented here, and here and here. He has also abandonned his family in Malaysia. Hardly a poster boy for pinko wet liberalism, but there we go.
New Zealand can hardly offer sanctuary for the world's waifs and strays, those fleeing dodgy regimes, so a tough stance is necessary, just like that followed by Australia.
It is interesting to see that Post- Tampa, Australia has fewer problems with such cases. Howard's brave stand paid off.
However, the Ali Panah case does leave me feeling uneasy if he is forced back to Iran. We all know how conversion from Islam to Christianity is a crime punishable by death in many Islamic countries and Iran is the theocratic centre of the 21st Century's new evil empire.
Immigration Minister David Cunliffe could well one day have blood on his hands.
If Ali Panah is booted out of New Zealand, either sent back to Iran or some third country like South Korea, let us hope he takes the convicted Islamist terrorist Ahmed Zauoi with him.
Either that, or Panah stays and Zauoi goes.


mawm said...

Ali Panah hasn't been entirely honest in his claims

Nice display of Christian principles.

John said...

They should both go. Zaoui is a terrorist who is wanted in other countries, let alone abandoned his family. Pahan is an illegal immigrant who has exhausted all of the legitimate options to stay here. To say he can now appeal again because of supprt from the church is just crap and a waste of tax payers money.

Psycho Milt said...

Fine humanitarian sentiments there John - maybe you could run for office on the basis of pulling NZ out of the UNHCR convention on refugees? A real vote-grabber, I'm sure.