Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Rise of the New Zealand Nazi Party

Not until Adolf entered the surreal world of blogging had he heard of Godwin's Law.

This so called law in fact is a convention invoked by the chattering class, whereby anyone who uses the Nazi regime of the 1930s and 40s as an analogy during a debate is deemed to have lost the debate. The first time he saw reference to it Adolf thought to himself that it reflected poorly on the intellectual rigour of those wishing to apply it.

This week-end's newspaper columns confirm the sad truth that people who deliberately shut from their minds the reality of recent history tend to be the first to repeat the mistakes of their forebears. It was the British intellectual chattering class who gave Hitler the support and confidence he needed to impose his evil will, step by stealthy step. It was Churchill who accurately identified the regime as 'rogues and gangsters.' Yes, rogues and gangsters are charitable descriptors for New Zealand's modern day Labour Party whose similarity to the Nazi party of pre-war Germany becomes more remarkable day by day. One major difference however is that Hitler had more talent on his front bench.

Adolf picked the sinister warnings nearly a week ago when he posted on Labour's declaration that the EFB was aimed at 'religious organizations.' However it took Matthew Hooton to pick up on the dreadfully totalitarian comments of Maharey and Cullen as they assured Parliament that their dear little bill would only punish those religious organizations which decide to campaign against Labour. Our acquiescent Antique Media should be shouting from the roof tops, yet it is strangely silent. Is it looking forward to the advertising bonanza which it will receive as the approved monopoly for information distribution?

It was a year ago that one of Adolf's friends at church who normally supports Labour suggested that there was starting to be seen a tinge of the totalitarian in the government of the day. This week the tinge became a dominant pattern of dreaded red and black.


It was only a matter of time before Whaleoil responded:

The only question remaining is; who will be the modern day Colonel Von Stauffenburg?. All it needs is a bomb under the table.


KG said...

It's reached the point, I believe where Labour could introduce almost the most totalitarian measures imaginable and the NZ public would just shrug and carry on as usual.
Kiwis will not get off their arses for liberty.

Inventory2 said...

You're dead right Adolf - the media should be all over this - but there's barely a murmur. The events of last week, as chronicled by Hooten, are nothing short of an outrage. However, they will be very easy to dismiss, on the basis of Hooten's affiliation with the National Party.

Ackers said...

Adolf, there should be a rule for the chattering classes in the antipodes. Don't compare what is happening here to what happened in Europe in the 30's and 40's. It's just profoundly stupid and shows that you know nothing about what actually happened in Europe in the 30's and 40's.

Fascism, Communism and Nazism have very little to do with NZ politics in the 21st century, you either know it or you aren't half as smart as you pretend to be.

dad4justice said...

ackers , I thought NZ politics in the 21st century was one big "ism". You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the damage to society the wrongful direction has created.

Enormous problems for communities and deteriorating social chaos while most people have a total lack of confidence with an ever increasingly dysfunctional government .


Indeed there are worrying trends that we see in Liarbour wanting to control everything, suppress everything and find legal ways of dealing with things it does not like.
It is not so much an arrogance of power but increasingly that of a party that no longer believes in the tenets of freedom and democracy.
Clark has admired Sweden for so long that she is obviously pushing for New Zealand to be a similar politically-correct de-facto one-party state.
As an immigrant to New Zealand, I miss the robust and diverse media you get in Britain, much as the BBC is also left wing.
Austrial also has a varied media and its people seem willing to debate issues and not stand for the crap the pollies give them.
There is also a lack of deabte here in New zealand, an unwillimgness to upset people here, anything for a quiet life, especially if the All Blacks are winning.
Liarbour can fuck up the economy as well, but as long as this land of 4million or so sheeple still has rugby , racing and beer, this is still Godzone.
See how Helen wraps herself in the flag when it suits her, be it yachting, Anzac day, a music awards or another LOTR release.
Especially if she can point to some government subsidy somewhere and take credit for any success.
I have tried to engage debate on the journnz newsgroup, but I am often dismissed as 'political.'
Yes, we can look at Nazi analogies, as I did comparing Pete Hodgson to Joseph Goebels this week, but I also see in New Zealand a 'groupthink' among much of the country and the media that is positively Orwellian.
And while it is no longer 1984, in 2007 , we are run by Big Sister , or as Jim Hopkins called Dear leader 'Big Mother.'
Matthew Hooton's column is here
and the quotes used in parliament are here

KG said...

"Fascism, Communism and Nazism have very little to do with NZ politics in the 21st century..."
Of course not--Klark and her cohorts have discovered an entirely new political philosophy!

KG said...

Spot the lefty:
1)denial of any connection between communism/nazism'fascism and Helen.
2)suggest a rule to control discussions.
Now wait for #3, which is to discuss the meaning of the terms used even though everybody is perfectly well aware of the thrust of the post.
Continue to insist on definitions and explanations until the debate resembles a bunch of Rabbis arguing arcane theological points.
Helen's a cow with totalitarian leanings. Period.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

KG, you forgot denigration of the blog host, which is sailing very close to a ban.

ted3001 said...


You are mistaken. The only reason I can think of that NZ'ers are not realising the startling similarity between the Nazi's and Labour is because we can, with the benefit of hindsite, see how the Nazi's ended up. Naturally Labour isn't like that - yet.

But if you compare how Nazi's started with how Labour is now, the similarities are truely frightening.

Having said that, I'm beginning to think Labour will get back in next time. You must never underestimate the stupidity of the average NZ voter.

KG said...

Dang! I missed that one. :-)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

On reading this post, one of my colleagues suggested that henceforth the PM should be referred to as Frau Clitler.


Adolf! I thought I was the vulgar one on this blog :)
But that was funny.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, that probably means the Exclusive Brethren's membership roll will become Clitler's List.

Psycho Milt said...

That's funny, the right seemed to find Godwin's law very applicable when lefties started comparing the Bush regime to Hitler's. That's because Godwin's right - comparing whatever you don't like to the Nazis is tempting but, but only serves to denigrate a large number of dead people.

You're right, KG - the National govt of Sid Holland was the most serious threat to liberty NZ has ever seen and most NZers didn't bother to get off their arses then, so it hardly seems likely they'll trouble themselves over Labour's trivial incursions into our freedom.

dad4justice said...

Unfortunately my good trusted friend in the resistance special agent Spiny Norman has told me that I am number one on Clitler's List.