Monday, September 17, 2007

Paying for the Great God Gaia

Fuel and power prises look set to rise further, adding more pressure to tight budgets, though Dear Leader promises relief to poor and middle income households.
Now, fuel efficiency makes sense, tax relief or subsidies for solar power and insulation seems fair enough, but a trading scheme sounds very complicated and only of use to penpushers who would gain work in administering it. Taxes on fuel will also ultimately be passed on and impact on everything we buy.
As NOT PC notes today, we are already feeling the effects of global warning before it is yet to arrive. So the politicians, aided by a gullible and statist media, are pushing the line of global disaster that control, control and more control can only save.
And we the public will pay the price in terms of higher fuel prices, higher power prices, and increasingly higher food prices, as well as higher tax; all combining to give lower living standards all round.
I believe the climate is a little warmer than it was when I was a boy. Certainly Britain does not enjoy snow like it used to and gone seem the winters my parents endured when they were young. But the climate has always changed.
The Romans grew vines in England, the Middle Ages had a warm spell, and there were the Frost Fairs of the 1600s and 1700s when the River Thames would freeze over, and we have all seen those lovely Dickensian Chrismas cards with a coach and horses driving through the snow.
I'm sure if Maori had kept records, there might well be tales of Frost Fairs in Hamilton, for example.
Indeed, some 500 scientists do not yet believe in Global Warming and even if it is happening, it is probably happening naturally, is not due to man's activities as widely claimed, and that global warming might actually be beneficial.
Thus, our politicians want to tax and regulate our lives for something we cannot control and might even do us some good.
Of course, we have yet to have a debate as to whether tax and regulation is better than just trying to adapt, if global warming actually is man-made and happening anyway.
Think of that when Dear Leader announces her new 'green' taxes this week, and the price of food goes up because the farmers find there is more money in biofuels.
Just pray that she and National leader John Key does not follow the example of British Tory leader Dave Cameron, whose 'green' idiocies we reported on a few days ago.
In the meantime, think of Dear Leader filling the pumps with the fuel that might cause cars to explode, and this tale of Transit NZ stopping a man from importing an electric car, which it turns out is very unsafe never mind no greener.
Perhaps we should give the environmentalists in power a chance to stand up or rather drive what they believe in and issue them as standard government vehicles!


David said...

Quote of the Day:

... a hybrid, such as the Toyota Prius... designed only to assuage the guilt of people whose opinions come from a man so hopeless he couldn’t even beat George Bush to the White House.

Jeremy Clarkson

The Perfect Man said...

Yeah and apparently Dubbya's ranch house is seriously more carbon-neutral than Al Bore's.

I'm still no closer to being convinced of GW. And if GW is true, in terms of it becoming a longterm trend (in the late 70's when at primary school I remember the scaremongering about the world heading for an ice-age within 100yrs) then I think sunspot/solar flare makes sense as a cause and $$$ should go into researching that rather than all the current shite. Its all about control, and money is a form of power so logically they want more of your money.

Seamonkey Madness said...

I'm sorry but the Government - any Government - can go get fucked if they want more of my money to pay for another person's power bill. It is a Working For Families scheme gone large.

Here's an idea: how about lowering tax rates in the first place so people can actually afford their bills. Oh wait, that doesn't require an army of 9-4:30 public servants. Next please!

Michael said...

Global warming has never been about the environment. It's always only ever been a political issue where socialists can drone on about how evil capitalism is. They use it as an excuse for the state having more control over all of us.

I wonder how many of these people genuinely care about the environment. I've been reading a bit about how not eating meat reduces your carbon footprint or whatever they call it. I wonder how many of these “environmentalists” would be willing to stop eating meat for the environment. Very few I'd say because it has little to do with capitalism.

Global Warming is all about being anti-capitalism while hiding behind the environmental curtain.