Sunday, September 16, 2007

Liarbour's New Blood

Well, where else is Dear Leader going to find it, but in a sauce bottle, just like in those Hammer Horror movies I grew up with as a lad!
And before you say it D4J, maybe Helen does look a little like a vampire with those teeth of hers :)
The Sunday Star-Times follows on from the Weekend Herald with a analysis of the limited options of Dear Leader looking to put 'fresh blood" into her government.
The Star-Times does its best to talk up Liarbour's chances but reality makes the going hard.
However, it also notes:
"Labour's policy strategy has three main themes: national identity, economic transformation and families young and old. The new climate change policy officials are frantically putting together a carbon trading scheme will be central. It will give effect to Clark's "green" vision of New Zealand as a carbon neutral country, a beacon to a burning world. "
Well, if Liarbour sticks to this, I guess National need not worry too greatly. With rising living costs, the environment will be put on the backburner for most households, and the only 'economic transformation' we have seen in the Clark era is New Zealand falling significantly behind Australia and Britain in terms of living standards and further dropping down the economic league tables.
Either way, I was struck by two witty comments.
National leader John Key is already taking snipes at likely changes, saying "(Clark's) fishing in a very shallow pond without a very deep hook".
In addition to old 'favourites' like Mark Burton, Pete Hodgson, etc, also in for the chop, we also have New Plymouth MP Harry Duynhoven.
"Harry has always had a very high regard for his own abilities," said one Labour insider.
In the meantime, Bill Ralston presents another political column in the Herald on Sunday, noting "Halfwitted ministers a curse".
He writes:
"In politics, there is often a snowball effect. When one thing goes wrong, more calamities follow. A politician makes one mistake and becomes a magnet for trouble. I suspect Damien O'Connor is an example of this syndrome."
But looking at Liarbour's dried up corpse of a government, drained of energy, talent and fresh blood, why pick on O'Connor? He's not the only calamity.

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dad4justice said...

I am totally indebted to the liarbour party for totally curing me from addictions to all ranges of Tomato Sauces - forever as long as I live .My maggot pack pies will never taste the same again.
Thank you Miss Clark .