Saturday, September 15, 2007

Liarbour to lose says Fairfax as Granny raises the Titanic

When the mighty Fairfax`Media empire says you are in the shit, you truly are in the shit.
Often left-leaning, particularly over the Tasman where it openly backs Labor, Fairfax has delivered the news in the first of its polls that will set Helengrad trembling.
The poll says 62% of the population, including Liarbour voters, believe Helen and her henchmen and wimmin will be booted out come next election.
The poll also has National on 50%- enough to govern all by itself- 14% ahead of Liarbour.
John Key has also opened a 7% lead in the preferred prime minister stakes.
Can it get any worse for Liarbour?
Other recent polls noted a slight rally for Liarbour, but National still streets ahead.
With the Electroral Finance Bill working its way through the select committee process and all comments seem to oppose it so far, news of rapidly rising food prices, the Ahmed Zaoui case, more finance houses going bust, an increasingly uncertain global economy, I cannot see any sudden improvement in store for Labour.
In a major assessment of the Clark years, Colin Espiner notes Dear Leader cannot be underestimated but she faces her "biggest challenge yet."
National will really have to stuff it up bigtime, so I hope they heed the warnings I gave them last night.
Liarbour will also have to pull a few rabbits out of the hat. No wonder it is twisting electoral processes to suit itself and giving concerns to some on the right by scrapping the Serious Force Office with its replacement being placed under direct Prime Ministerial control.
Cullen will no doubt have to bribe us all big time with our own money, billions of which he has raked up over the years.
We have a corrupt, incompetent and tired old government, lead by a leader so well past her use by date, so well past her prime, that the stench of her growing unpopularity is becoming noticeable by all.
Dear Leader now has to freshen up her government with a ministerial reshuffle, clear out the dead wood, smother some puppies, execute her faithful friends.
But as both Audrey Young and John Armstrong in the Weekend Herald note, the task will be like "changing the beds in Labour's retirement village", or is "deckchairs on the Titanic stuff."
NEWS UPDATE: TV1 Colmar-Brunton on Sunday shows Liarbour narrowing the gap to 10% from 16% in August, with Clark back on top. Guyon Espiner credits recent emphasis on foreign issues like APEC and Iraq war.
NEWS UPDATE 2: Clark's "polarising" figure, more from Fairfax Poll.


dad4justice said...

Dear Helen , would you like the blow to the head or the dagger up the ol' you know what ?

Anonymous said...

Since Helen Clark became elected leader of New Zealand, I have been convinced that there would be a backlash from men who don't see women as equal human beings. dad for justice has proved my point. In 2008, I can see that it's going to be even more vicious and sexist than previously. I also note that John Key's blog site welcomes this dad for justice blogger-interesting.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, no doubt that would be the very same backlash you observed when Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Ghandi were elected?