Friday, September 28, 2007

Launch of Free Speech Coalition

David Farrar, Bernard Darnton and Whale Oil have launched the Free Speech Coalition to attempt to Kill the Bill. is the website and there is a Facebook Group
The aim is to create a focal point for all individuals and organizations opposed to the Electoral Finance Bill.
The website shows howthe Electoral Finance Bill will prevent free speech - it will regulate e-mails, websites, protest marches, placards, posters, newspaper ads - basically everything that mentions a political issue.
The Coalition plans to run ads to educate New Zealanders about this Government's unprecedented assault on our cherished freedom of speech.
It has a creative team waiting to get cracking, but the campaign needs your support and/or your money.
You can donate instantly online. You can also donate via Internet Banking to our BNZ Account 02 0500 0908920-00 or by sending a cheque to the Free Speech Coalition, PO Box 12270, Thorndon, Wellington.
Furthermore, you can sign up as a supporter, join the mailing list, place banners on your own sites, or help out in other ways. Your help is needed. We can't rely on the politicians to protect our rights to criticize them. Once this Bill becomes law, then it will be too late.
So please help us all to Kill the Bill.
No Minister is happy to add its voice to that of David, Bernard & Cameron on behalf of "The Free Speech Coalition”

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KG said...

Gaaargh! click on the website link and the facebook login comes up.
No way, much as I support the sentiments of Kill the Bill.