Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Goebbels Gollum Hodgson

Health Minister Pete 'Gollum" Hodgson has a new persona- Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebels.
Instead, they believe much has gone on bureaucracy, the system is innefficient and patient care standards have not improved.
Goebbels-Gullum, instead, belives such people are misinformed.
Perhaps they have experienced too many 'health service horror stories' themselves, which No Minister covered a few weeks back.
Now, the goverment is planning a major propaganda offensive on healthcare, just as its Electoral Finance Bill aims to stifle opposition to the Liarbour government.
But Gollum has come a cropper with the health Ministry bureaucrats.
Just as John Key was ripping into Liarbour over its health and other propoganda, health chiefs decided to remove 'pro-Labour' comments from some of the planned advertising. They have had enough of "Ve are only obeyin orders.'
Either there are just so many lies public servants feel they can tell, or they realise tha National's Allied Forces are marching on Helengrad and Dear Leader will soon be all alone in her 9th Floor bunker.

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ZenTiger said...

A little know piece of trivia: Back in 1939, a Nazi Party press release was called "dropping a Hodgson"