Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Don't Like Daylight Saving

Daylight saving is the bane of my life.

For a number of years I got up at 0430 for 300 days of the year to milk cows and as a result I still get up pretty much at sun up. The early morning is MY time of the day and these buggers have stolen an hour of it from me.

Not only that but today I actually feel jet lagged but I never got the three bottles of duty free malt.

Worse still, it means that sometimes in summer I'm going to bed while it's still light. And all for what? So that a few liberals can slurp chardonnay for an hour longer each evening before they stumble off to their alcohol induced dreams of socialist nirvana?


Andrei said...

In time we will just set our clocks to UMT and be done with it.

In which case if you start work at 9 am NZ standard time now your official starting time would be 2100 UMT.

Of course in summer if mutually agreeable with your employer you could start at 2000 UMT.

But this of course would remove a coercive government element from your life and as such would be an anathema to the lefties.

The Perfect Man said...

Yeah Adolf, maybe a week extra at the other end, but no need to go earlier. I was milking for too many years once too. Just growing up rural means I like to be up by 6.30am (a big sleep-in is 8am but then my bodyclock is stuffed for days) and was enjoying the daylight then.

Don't you hate how all the reporters talk about all the 'extra' daylight. Morons. I do like DS from say Dec - April, but Oct is stupid. Damn hard to pick cycling cows in the dark.

KG said...

Agreed! Daylight saving sucks.

barry said...

Jokes aside, I understand our DS was instituted many many years ago to provide daylight for the Upper Crust [lawyers, accountants, merchants] to play convivial rounds of evening golf and bowls.

Us poor suckers are forced to carry on this pointless tradition.