Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'homophobia' in the household- Young English pays for the 'sins' of his father

Bill English today is consulting his lawyers over a story concerning his 14-year-old son's 'homophobic' comments on the bebo social networking website.
No doubt the boy was exposed because of who his father is, which is pretty despicable in itself.
English, a catholic, now finds himself quizzed as to where the son got his views from. Is Bill to blame?, is the story angle.
I have undergone a similar conversion. My parents have too and I would say so have many people as society's values have, thankfully, changed.
It is called growing up.
Now, there are those who still have anti-gay views. But what does this achieve?
Well, a mate of mine would like to live with his boyfriend, but due to the 'homophic' values of the family, the boyfriend remains in the closet and the pair cannot live together happily ever after. Because the boyfriend was unable to contact my mate for nearly a week due to 'family buisness', my mate thought he was not wanted anymore and attempted suicide.
Then, there are those married men who still like other men. They too are in the closet but will seek their jollies with men on the side without their wives knowing. I know this happens because before he met his current boyfriend, my mate has slept with many such men.
Now, of course, the real test is how a parent would react if a son or daughter told them they were gay. If you have kids who might be gay, chances are they would like to tell you.
But if they are too frightened to, then imagine the heartache you are causing them, stopping them from living the lives they want to lead.
Much as you might disapprove, there in no 'lifestyle choice' involved. You cannot change how God or Gaia created you.

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Anonymous said...

God or gaia?

If by God you mean Jehovah or Jesus you've got a bit of a problem there.
Jewish scripture clearly enunciate that homosexuals of any kind are verbooten.

So that God wouldn't make you something that He detests.
Come on use logic here!!!

So it must be Gaia or some such.
That isn't the Judeo-Christian God.