Thursday, September 27, 2007

Glock 1, Hammer Nil, Tazer Sidelined

Where are the idiot members of the vocal anti-Tazer brigade this morning?

What do these fools want the police to do? They don't want crims shot, they don't want crims tazered, they don't want crims pursued.

I say good on the cops. One less P hyped welfare beneficiary to beat up his spouse, father hordes of useless children and smash up our state owned houses.


dad4justice said...

I hope he had recently read the email doing the rounds - "Christchurch police are circulating a gory email that recommends officers shoot people armed with knives."

Was the email "Why Cops Shoot Guys With Knives" fresh in this blue gun thugs mind set ? To be fair knives and hammers look the same eh Egg O'Connor . Expect another PCA whitewash !!

Is this new domestic violence policy , shoot first , give the Officer a medal from the feminist cult running the police ?

Well done Sandra , really so close to the Edgeware Road fuck up, dear me , what a mess!!

Seamonkey Madness said...

Good post Adolf.

Although we shouldn't blame the deceased for what happened now, should we?
He was bollocksing around with a hammer because of P (or pure crystal methamphetamine as the kids are calling it these days). As as we all know, P is society's fault. So we should all go out and shoot ourselves because it's all our fault.

Also, I don't think a stab-proof vest would be much use against a hammer, do you D4J?


dad4justice said...

I was trained in the army how to fire a gun at a human target - to immobilize a person without killing them. Why the need for four bullets !!!!

This is yet another police assassination just like the Wallace case !!

Andrei said...

In truth Adolf it is premature to make any judgment upon this.

The poor man may have been driven to insanity by being alienated from his children by New Zealand's pernicious family law, a common enough event in 21st century New Zealand

Or he may have been a drug addled loser as you infer.

Or both.

Seamonkey Madness said...

I don't think human technology had advanced to golf club-proof vests back then (and they haven't now, as far as I've heard, either).

From reports, it sounds as if they've got enough witnesses to get the cops in the shit/clear as it is anyway.

dad4justice said...

This incident is just down the road and me being me asked a couple of people who were 20 m away when he got shot and they saw nothing in his hands ???? Bang, bang , bang , bang !!!!

No doubt Sandra, Helen , Annette and Justice Goddard will carpet bomb the truth and whitewash the whole sad murder !

Police integrity has never been so low , when is the election ?

Inventory2 said...

Dad4justice said "when is the election ?"

Not bloody soon enough dad!

Seamonkey Madness said...

From Stuff:
"Manderson said she had asked for the police kaumatua, the Rev Maurice Gray, to ensure the cultural process of tapu lifting would be carried out correctly when the scene examination was complete.

Was a person shot, or a taniwha?

dad4justice said...

The cops let the Kahui homicidal mongrels time to have a culturally sensitive piss up, which tragically gave the lowest of low time to concoct an alibi .

When is this madness going to stop ?

What a lost the plot country, run by twisted nutbars !

Oswald Bastable said...

"...I was trained in the army how to fire a gun at a human target - to immobilize a person without killing them..."

I was taught to kill the fucker.

That was immobilizing them.

Anonymous said...

Graeme Burton, convicted killer is paroled after bashing people in prison and then kills a completely innocent man. He somehow gets shot in the leg and is now a burden on the tax payer for the next 30 years.

The poor sod in Christchurch hammers a car which may well have been his and he gets killed by the biggest gang in the country

I am no way a soft lefty, but I think this goes to the heart of corruption in the NZ Police Force.

scrubone said...

I'm pretty cautious about this one (mind you, National Radio did ham it up on the news this morning!).

Smells a bit to much like a "now will you give us tazers?" statement.

Barnsley Bill said...

D4J, I agree with you on many things (but usually in a much more nonmental way than you),unfortunately I am completely diametrically opposed to you on this episode. I would rather the cops shot people much more often than say.....manned speed traps or maybe refused to enforce court orders (specifically in the case of multi generational coon beneficiary body snatchers).
I have read the hysterical media reports about eye witnessses insisting this mutt dod not pose any threat to the cops.That is irrelevant in my opinion, if a big mutt with a gun tells you to do something and you don't........ See ya sucker. Tough shit.
I would be happy for the filth to carry machine guns...... If they would trade a speed camera for each one they get. And of course we need to see the Beast removed from power so that the pigs can regain their independence and integrity from poilitical interference first.
An armed and beligerant police force would be great... If Clarkula will let them have their testicles back.

Andrei said...
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Andrei said...


forget machine guns Pump action shotguns like this puppy are just the thing.

I could wax lyrical about the virtues of such a weapon in the hands of the police in tricky situations but suffice it to say if looking down the barrel of one of these things doesn't give you pause for thought then one shot from it will.

Whaleoil said...

Nah Andrei,

This what you want

pdm said...

I am not sure what you are all going on about. You overlook two things:
1. But for Keith Locke and his cronies a Tazer would have been available to halt the deceased who would be alive now.
2. When ordered by Police, anywhere, to STOP - one should stop!!!

JC said...

Here's the one you want

Good for the girl cops too.


Anonymous said...

One thing dad4j should remember is that all cops know that if you shoot someone, justified or not, you can expect hell for up to two years afterwards. In a way it can mark you for life and thats if you are justified in shooting.
All cops know Section 62 of the Crimes Act that relates to excessive force and know that if they shoot someone unjustifiably that they will expect manslaughter charges heading their way, lose their job, and face public scrutiny like you wouldn't believe. Add to that the horrible pressure on the family members etc. The process more than anything is enough to make cops think twice before firing.
Think before you stink dadforj

Skyman said...

A few years back a police officer in my county confronted an obviously deranged woman with a knife at a gas station. She was threatening to hurt herself and others.

He approached the woman to try and calm her. When he got close she lunged at him and plunged the knife into his chest.

He lingered in a coma for 2 years before he died.

A tazer in this case and the one there would have saved lives.

Police are not taught to "shoot to immobilize". It's generally a dumb thing to do as there isn't enough time to decide "should I kill this guy or just wing him". If you're going to shoot someone the situation probably is beyond the "wing him" stage.

dad4justice said...

" Why did you shoot my friend " , a five year old asks a bent pig who grunts back " Us cops don't get paid enough to go home in a box ."

The filthy pigs of this country have tired to take my life more than once and my female partner is permanently injured after she was assaulted by a 16 stone meat head mongrel .
Stan Graham had the right idea !!
Fuck the filth !!

Anonymous said...

If you pull a gun you have to be prepared to kill someone.

D4J you are wrong about your army training, you double tap and you have to be prepared to kill - no point in wounding, and they might kill you!

Normally a panicky cop will shoot low -- its human nature, and its why Burton got shot in the leg, mores the pity.

I hope Marie Dryberg is happy now, her opposition to Tasers has caused another dead punter, excellent. This should be on her conscience.

Seamonkey Madness said...

"Don't bring a hammer to a gunfight" as they say.

Oh, and now we have comflicting eyewitness accounts. This is getting interesting! A neutral witness and not a "friend".

Gooner said...

"The filthy pigs of this country ...Stan Graham had the right idea !!
Fuck the filth !!"

D4J - piss off with that rubbish or you will be banned permanently.

No more warnings.

Spam said...

So if they tried to kill you more than once, D4J, then why aren't you dead? Or did they just 'wing' you?

dad4justice said...

I apologize gonner to the group for writing that and to all the good police that have helped me thank you.I have good mates in the police force - ol' rugger mates - and I did not mean what I said about Stan Graham .

Three weeks ago I was on the receiving end of an assault with a weapon. Being a victim of crime just keeps on keeping on, but I guess some people are just born that way .

I will get my emotions intact in the future as this site is brilliant and I do not want to jeapordize my position here .

Anonymous said...

Apology accepted.

Hope u recover.


dad4justice said...

Thank you Gooner for the second chance and I'll recover as since my nightmare started in 2001 I have been involved in a couple gun fights with bad eggs . You know real bullets whizzing past your ears , normal run of the mill stuff .Good for character and helps to be handy to a piece . Water off a ducks back mate , cheers . Do have a good day .