Sunday, September 16, 2007

Death of Democracy in Europe? Fallout from Brussels police brutality. Could it happen here?

In George Orwell's totalitarian novel 1984, there was a comment about a symbol of the future being a boot stamping on a human face.
In the European Union, after the Stop the Islamisation of Europe Protest, the equivalent symbol could well be a policeman grabbing the balls of a member of parliament.
Little has appeared in the mainstream media of the event, which featured 300 or so peaceful protestors being attacked and about half of them being arrested by the Brussels police.
I trawled Google today and found a story from Australia's ABC, but nothing for New Zealand.
Fortunately, the blogs have extensive coverage, particularly The Brussels Journal and The Gates of Vienna, complete with videos that are now on You Tube.
One commentator on the Gates of Vienna said the police reaction signelled the 'death of democracy' in the European Union, and suggested future protests focus more on 'free speech' rather than 'Islamisation', though they would make the same point.
Now, you might wonder what the protests and matters outlined above have to do with us in little old New Zealand, in our own 'benign strategic environment.'
If in the heart of Europe, the capital of a 'superstate' supposedly founded on principles of human rights amid other supposedly democratic things, can send in police bootboys against those who oppose its political correctness, it can easily happen here in New Zealand.
We have seen already how the police have lost much of their independence, how it is "not in the public interest to prosecute" Labour MPs or the party for lawbreaking; the SIS is under the control of Dear Leader, and now it seems the Serious Fraud Office.
We have also seen Liarbour ride roughshod over electoral law to help steal an election
Thus, if Liarbour does win a fourth term, do not be surprised if the same thing happens here.


Shout Above The Noise said...

Hmmm, speaking to one of my cousins in Holland last week... similar goings on there too.

Cactus Kate said...

Jordan's obviously studying it over in the EU for Dear Leader's future reference.

Psycho Milt said...

Er, hello? Lefty demonstrators have been putting up with this for the last century or more, and right-wingers have been dead chuffed about it for the most part. Now, when it's one of your guys getting hurt, democracy's under threat? I'm sorry, but I'm going to spend the next few minutes savouring this rich irony...

Anonymous said...

Well if nothing else it's good to see exactly where you stand on this milt.