Saturday, September 29, 2007

Careful, Reasoned Analysis? Not Likely

The full transcript of Fiji Prime Minster Frank Bainimarama's speech to the United Nations is here. It is worth reading in full. Apparently the Herald journalist who parroted Winston Peters' criticisms of it did not read the speech. As a result he missed the real story - more of that shortly.

Where there should have been careful reasoned analysis from The Herald, we were served up the frothings of our vapid Foreign Minister who, without offering a shred of evidence for his claims, pretty much accused Bainimarama of lying to the UN and of intending to gerrymander the next election. Peters apparently has recourse to the PM's innermost thoughts and aspirations The only feeble excuse he could offer for these outrageous accusations was the notion that because the Fijian PM did not repeat the already clearly signaled target election date of 2009, that somehow he was misleading the UN.

The real story of this speech is the dramatic changes which are being proposed for Fiji's constitution and for it's electoral system.

Clearly Bainiamarama is out to break the back of the odious Council of Chiefs which has dominated Fijian political life and provided the structural and tacit support for the corruption which has been endemic for so long. Neither Peters nor the Herald took the slightest bit of notice. One person one vote is to be introduced. The manner of introduction is instructive, particularly when compared with the current manner of introduction adopted by NZ Labour and its lap dog cohorts for their appalling electoral Finance Bill which effectively alters the constitutional landscape of New Zealand.

The Fijian Prime Minister has issued a discussion paper which is widely circulated and he proposes a referendum to obtain a mandate for the changes sought. In the democratic paradise of New Zealand, Clark and Peters are engaged in a sordid act of political thuggery aimed at ramming through without consultation, repugnant legislation which has been trashed by all commentators and then some.

Anyone who has read the Fiji constitution and who understands some of Fiji's recent history would marvel that all the changes necessary to introduce, for the first time ever, genuine democracy to Fiji might be put in place in two short years, along with a genuine census which also is necessary. Bainimarama is actually dismantling Fiji's own version of apartheid and is being vilified for it by the very people who should be applauding and helping.

How much better might it have been for New Zealand's interests if only our idiot Foreign Minister could have congratulated Commodore Bainimarama for his speech and welcomed the dramatic constitutional changes. But no. Instead of measured intelligent comment, every time Peters opens his mouth he demonstrates to all Pacific Island nations that New Zealand is only a friend if they do as Wellington dictates.

Its what's known as being a backyard bully.


JC said...

Some very good points. But he's describing NZ's corrupt current and race based system, surely?


Whaleoil said...

Sadly the MSM has a view of the world that Fiji is bad so we only have bad stories.

meanwhile here in NZ the hypocrites in charge erode our rights without public consultation.

dad4justice said...

New Zealand has far more corruption than Fiji - just look at our fraudulent prime minister and out of control police force !!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'm struck by the audacity of Peter's accusation that Cmdr Bainimarama will 'gerrymander' the next election. As the remark was made outside the house, I wonder how it would stand up the defamation test.

Was it unfounded or untrue? Yes - unless Peters is prepared to spit out what information he has to justify the claim.

Was it made with malicious intent? I'd say it was.

What other tests are there? Id put up a few bob to support an action.

Inventory2 said...

I guess that if we take Winston's frothing at the mouth over Bainimarama alongside his support of the EFB, it makes more sense.

Winston has totally lost the plot. Having launced his party on the basis of "keeping the government honest", he has now morphed into Dear Leader's favourite lapdog. Peters and his party no longer have any credibility or relevance, and with any luck, enough of their Grey Power support base will have been reduced by natural attrition to see NZ First annihilated at the next election.

David said...

Grey Power have come out against the EFB. And they're not impressed with the "Grey Card" or whatever euphemism Winston's called it.

I just hope Grey Power are principled enough not to be bought again at the next election.

pdm said...

`How much better for NZ's interests if..........etc'

So damn true. It would probably help all of the Bridgecorp Investors who are sweating over the Momi Bay Development get more of their money back. I have no doubt the stupid approach to Bainimarama by Peters and Clark is contributing to the delays by the Fiji Government in respect of this development.