Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fifty Two Cabs

RLW News tells us the coppers put fifty two Aucland cabs off the road for mechanical defects of one sort or another. This represented ten percent of the 510 cabs inspected during spot checks.

That is a remarkable and disgracefully high percentage of our cabs which are shonky. How can it be so? Is there not rigorous checking of taxis by our illustrious authorities? Were they all asleep?
Who is the cabinet minister who can be asked to resign over this debacle?

Adolf wonders whether the flash cabs like Corporate and Regency were in amongst the 52 junk heaps or was it only the el cheapos?

I Don't Like Daylight Saving

Daylight saving is the bane of my life.

For a number of years I got up at 0430 for 300 days of the year to milk cows and as a result I still get up pretty much at sun up. The early morning is MY time of the day and these buggers have stolen an hour of it from me.

Not only that but today I actually feel jet lagged but I never got the three bottles of duty free malt.

Worse still, it means that sometimes in summer I'm going to bed while it's still light. And all for what? So that a few liberals can slurp chardonnay for an hour longer each evening before they stumble off to their alcohol induced dreams of socialist nirvana?

MoveOn.Org Becomes MoveOut.Org

It appears the now notorious NYT "General Betray Us" advert paid for by the Dimmocrat's loony left may have done severe damage. Not to the impeccably credentialed four star General Petraeus but to MoveOn its self.

According to Michelle Malkin, MoveOn is trying to monster Democrats who have made plain their displeasure at such a lamentably foolish attempt to smear the character of a reputable senior military officer.

Here are some of the Tee Shirts being sold online, not by Republicans but by Democrats who are waking up to the insanity of the liberal fundamentalist extremists who populate the American left.

Go ahead, Suuuuuue:



Saturday, September 29, 2007

Careful, Reasoned Analysis? Not Likely

The full transcript of Fiji Prime Minster Frank Bainimarama's speech to the United Nations is here. It is worth reading in full. Apparently the Herald journalist who parroted Winston Peters' criticisms of it did not read the speech. As a result he missed the real story - more of that shortly.

Where there should have been careful reasoned analysis from The Herald, we were served up the frothings of our vapid Foreign Minister who, without offering a shred of evidence for his claims, pretty much accused Bainimarama of lying to the UN and of intending to gerrymander the next election. Peters apparently has recourse to the PM's innermost thoughts and aspirations The only feeble excuse he could offer for these outrageous accusations was the notion that because the Fijian PM did not repeat the already clearly signaled target election date of 2009, that somehow he was misleading the UN.

The real story of this speech is the dramatic changes which are being proposed for Fiji's constitution and for it's electoral system.

Clearly Bainiamarama is out to break the back of the odious Council of Chiefs which has dominated Fijian political life and provided the structural and tacit support for the corruption which has been endemic for so long. Neither Peters nor the Herald took the slightest bit of notice. One person one vote is to be introduced. The manner of introduction is instructive, particularly when compared with the current manner of introduction adopted by NZ Labour and its lap dog cohorts for their appalling electoral Finance Bill which effectively alters the constitutional landscape of New Zealand.

The Fijian Prime Minister has issued a discussion paper which is widely circulated and he proposes a referendum to obtain a mandate for the changes sought. In the democratic paradise of New Zealand, Clark and Peters are engaged in a sordid act of political thuggery aimed at ramming through without consultation, repugnant legislation which has been trashed by all commentators and then some.

Anyone who has read the Fiji constitution and who understands some of Fiji's recent history would marvel that all the changes necessary to introduce, for the first time ever, genuine democracy to Fiji might be put in place in two short years, along with a genuine census which also is necessary. Bainimarama is actually dismantling Fiji's own version of apartheid and is being vilified for it by the very people who should be applauding and helping.

How much better might it have been for New Zealand's interests if only our idiot Foreign Minister could have congratulated Commodore Bainimarama for his speech and welcomed the dramatic constitutional changes. But no. Instead of measured intelligent comment, every time Peters opens his mouth he demonstrates to all Pacific Island nations that New Zealand is only a friend if they do as Wellington dictates.

Its what's known as being a backyard bully.

Well Done Tonga

What a fantastic effort from Tonga!

Adolf was out for his seven km brisk walk this morning and at about 0650 saw a group of about ten kids approaching, some on the footpath, some on the road. They would have ranged from eight years old to maybe fifteen. All neatly dressed and brightly scrubbed.

Just as Adolf was about to suggest that walking on a busy road might be a good way to get killed, even early on Saturday morning, one of the younger kids bounded up and demanded ' Are you supporting Tonga or England?' I have to confess Adolf looks more English than Tongan, however he responded with a loud "Tonga" to which there were wild cheers. His accoster looked at him with a big smile and said "We are Tongans!" 'Really? I would never have guessed.!'

So off they went, full of joire de vivre, obviously to visit someone who has a big screen in the lounge.

For a while I thought Tonga might pull off the upset of the century.

What a pack of pricks are the IRB for making preventing them from dying their hair green!

Will Key and National fall for the oldest media trick in the book?

Has National and John Key, along with the entire nation, fallen for the oldest media trick in the book?.
You build someone up, just to knock them down again.
The youthful leader has had a honeymoon with the media and the voters which saw him build on the dizzy heights achived by Don Brash before his departure a year ago.
But how solid is National's ascendency?
No wonder the TV1 newsreader last night seemed breathlessly excited when he read the headlines of Saturday's big papers.
Liarbour has apparantly clawed back the lead to 5.2% and this before Key "gaffes" over health policy and other things could influence the polls further.
It may be that the media has actually given Key and National an easy ride recently to make the upcoming election campaign more exciting and newsworthy, so the media can elnjoy higher sales and ratings for their papers and news programmes.
I recall an early editor in Britain admitting to me that his strategy was to give the Tory opposition on the local council greater prominence at the start of the local election campaign, thus providing an answer to bias, before giving the Labour run council an easy ride at the end, when it mattered.
Maybe this is the undisclosed polciy for the media here. If so, National's treatment by the media will only worsen.
Certainly, the hacks were keen to jump on National over issues like Health policy as David Farrar noted at Kiwiblog, when Colin Espiner looked at National on health.
Today, the youthful, but talented Paula Oliver at the Herald notes changing fortunes for National. Paula does know her stuff, despite her tender age. I recall offering her a job a while back but my paper and the salary I was allowed to offer was not big enough for her talents.
Anyway, while such an elder stateman herself, that wise old bird Fran O'Sullivan feels the omni-present Helen Clark is suffering from over exposure.
Certainly I have detected a shift in opinions against Clark. Outside the blogosphere it has finally become commonplace for people to criticise our once Popular and Incompetent one.
But this poll shows that National is not home and dry yet. It needs to learn from the lessons of the UK Tories as I have harped on about before and avoid the 'gaffes' of the past week or so.
Liarbour and Cullen still has a massive war chest to spead around and buy up the voting public.
One blogger I met yesterday believes Liarbour will get back in on this premise, plus whatever dodgy rorts Liarbour performs with the Electoral Finance Bill and related regulations and campaigning.
If he is right, then what hope is there for National and indeed for democracy in New Zealand, as well as the long term health of our economy.

Ominous News From Iraq

Ominous for the Dimmocrats and their dim witted Leftie followers in NZ, that is.

Prime Miister Al Malarkey has pulled off a political coup by securing agreement with Turkey over the contentious issue of PPK terrorists using northern Iraq as a staging ground for their activities in Turkey. The agreement wins huge kudos for Maliki with the Kurds because he has negotiated out of it the Turkish demand for hot pursuit into Kurdish Iraq. This move is another major step forward in the quest for political stability in post Saddam Iraq.

How amazing is it that one can find no mention of this significant political development in any of our NZ based Antique Media? No mention in the New York Times either as it heads for $18 per share. (No wonder hundreds of thousands of Americans are rejecting conventional news sources and turning to the internet for reliable information.)

Of course one could not expect anything else when all one sees is feeds from Reuters and commie Independent.

Frank Goes To New York

I hear on 0500 RLW News that Commodore Bainimarama is to address the UN and set out his strategy and timetable for returning Fiji to democracy. Not a mention of this can be found in either The Herald or Stuff. Adolf awaits his speech with great interest.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Bainimarama has skillfully gazzumped the inept sartorial bauble and his basso profundo sidekick from the NZ Muppet Show which passes for government. Good on him. He is roundly criticized for expelling NZ's diplomatic representative yet it appeared pretty obvious the man was caught out inciting opposition to the administration and he was reported to be following instructions from Wellington. Join the dots. The end result of NZ and Australia's ham fisted handing of this affair has been the arrival of Communist China's influence in the South Pacific for the first time. Now there's an outfit that doesn't mess around with dissenters.

Stuff does carry a useful report on the irregularities and vote rigging during the constitutionally illegal election which put Qarase and his band of thieves into power. So much for BooBoo Hobbs who could no more touch her toes than recognize a fair election.

It's worth noting for the benefit of David Farrar and other political theorists that the vast majority of people in Fiji support the moves made by the Commodore. Adolf recently heard from a retired member of Air Pacific's board who spoke approvingly of the Commodore's actions. He explained that it will take a long time to 'clean out' the corruption within the public service and the indigenous hierarchy. Similar commentary from a senior member of the Fiji Sugar Corporation. I hear the same sentiments expressed by Indo-Fijians who are heartily sick of the graft and deceit practiced by a privileged and venal indigenous elite, in whose pocket are Qarase and his henchmen - abetted by their friends in Wellington. Oddly, few commentators seem to have noticed that the so-called coup is being driven by indigenous Fijians (the military) who recognize the severe damage which was about to be inflicted upon the country by Qarase's illegal and corrupt regime and its shady backers.

DPF and his mates can pontificate all they like about 'taking power at the point of a gun' but in fact the guns were only for display - the soldiers in the streets were not carrying ammunition. Perhaps he might ponder on the horrors of life in Rome where Adolf recently noted Carabinieri patrolling the streets armed with modern sub machine guns with fully loaded magazines attached. What of Singapore where armed soldiers patrol the airport at all times?

For sure, all is not well in Fiji, especially the deaths in custody which have been reported but has anyone looked to see how many deaths in custody occurred in police stations prior to the military take over?

Adolf and the Cook will pay their annual visit to Fiji in a few weeks time and it will be interesting to hear first hand what the locals make of it all. You see, Adolf doesn't talk just to senior businessmen. He talks to cab drivers, commercial fishermen landing their catches on the beach at 0630, shop keepers, hotel staff, ferry skippers and all sorts of people one can meet if one has a mind to. So far the only supporters of Qarase he has found are David Farrar, Winston Peters and Helen Clark

Friday, September 28, 2007

Muslim woman in the supermarket - tale to pass on

Great story from The Midnight Sun blog, which is worth posting in full.

An incident occurred in a supermarket recently, when the following was witnessed: A Muslim woman dressed in a Burkha (A black gown & face mask) was standing with her shopping in a queue at the checkout.
When it was her turn to be served, and as she reached the cashier, she made a loud remark about the Australian Flag lapel pin, which the female cashier was wearing on her blouse.
The cashier reached up and touched the pin and said, “Yes, I always wear it proudly. My son serves abroad with the forces and I wear it for him”.
The Muslim woman then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing and killing her countrymen, explaining that she was Iraqi.
At that point, a Gentleman standing in the queue stepped forward, and interrupted with a calm and gentle voice, and said to the Iraqi woman:
“Excuse me, but hundreds of thousands of men and women, just like this ladies son have fought and sacrificed their lives so that people just like YOU can stand here, in Australia, which is MY country and allow you to blatantly accuse an innocent check- out cashier of bombing YOUR countrymen”.
“It is my belief that if you were allowed to be as outspoken as that in Iraq which you claim to be YOUR country, then we wouldn’t need to be fighting there today”.
“However - now that you have learned how to speak out and criticise the Australian people who have afforded you the protection of MY country, I will gladly pay the cost of a ticket to help you pay your way back to Iraq”.
“When you get there, and if you manage to survive for being as outspoken as you are here in Australia, then you should be able to help straighten out the mess which YOUR Iraqi countrymen have got you into in the first place, which appears to be the reason that you have come to MY country to avoid.”
Apparently the queue cheered and applauded.
IF YOU AGREE.. Pass this on to all of your proud Aussie friends..

And you can pass it on to Kiwis and Poms too.

In the meantime, despite the campaigning of the PC left, American opinion of muslims is becoming less favourable. I wonder why?

The Trouble with Being A Leftie.......

It must be really tough being a leftie. You have to expend so much energy drumming up crises like GoreBull Warming, smacking parents who smack kids, stealing enough money to rort yet another election, screaming inane insults at the Dumbest President Ever, yet every time you think you are about to get somewhere, some bastard comes along and chops you off at the knees.

It's interesting to note that since the Dopey Dhimocrats pinned all their electoral hopes on rubbishing Dubbya's efforts in Iraq and thereby won control of the Congress and the Senate nearly a year ago, they have steadfastly shouted loudly but achieved not one iota in their proclaimed objective of declaring defeat and bring 'the boys' home. The Dumbest President has seen them off and given them the flick at every turn. Worse still, it looks as though the Dhims are about to admit defeat themselves and commit to keeping a long term significant American military presence in Iraq. It must have been a hell of a shock to them and to phil u, to find that in fact there really is an axis of evil and it had placed some serious nucear capability in the hands of Syria and by default Iran. Even more of a shock to find that after release of hitherto secret transcripts of conversations between Dubbya and the Spanish President of the time, there is clear evidence Saddam told Egypt and Libya that he had WMD capability. Worse still, it suddenly dawns on them that there is no civil war in Iraq, that the neocons were right in their assessment that ALL the trouble is being fermented by Saudi and Iranian outsiders and the latest change in US tactics is turning out to be remarkable successful. Dear oh dear. What can they do now to assist Al Qaeda and Iran defeat the evil Bush?

Funny how the lefties seem to have gone all quiet on the theory that parents smacking kids is the cause of family violence and child murder. They got their legislation through and after uttering the immortal famous last words 'now the kids will be safe' there has been a procession of fatally injured children dumped into hospital by their fucked up parents - mostly Maori.

Worse still, the real world is waking up to the great con job that is global warming. There is no scientific consensus on man made global warming and at last people are starting to seriously question the vast conspiracy of media, politics and fiscally motivated pseudo scientists who are more interested in securing their university tenure than they are in dispassionate analysis. Kyoto has been called for the nonsense that it is with widespread fraudulent transactions being the oprder of theday in carbon trading markets.

Then we have our very own fraudulent scandal in the form of Labour's last ditch effort to steal our money for the next election campaign, the Electoral Finance Bill. If you go over to Farrar's place you will see what happens to devoted lefties like sonic, tane and robinson when they become infected with Naegleria fowleri.

It is difficult to find examples of more consistent failures than these poor unfortunate creatures.

Launch of Free Speech Coalition

David Farrar, Bernard Darnton and Whale Oil have launched the Free Speech Coalition to attempt to Kill the Bill. is the website and there is a Facebook Group
The aim is to create a focal point for all individuals and organizations opposed to the Electoral Finance Bill.
The website shows howthe Electoral Finance Bill will prevent free speech - it will regulate e-mails, websites, protest marches, placards, posters, newspaper ads - basically everything that mentions a political issue.
The Coalition plans to run ads to educate New Zealanders about this Government's unprecedented assault on our cherished freedom of speech.
It has a creative team waiting to get cracking, but the campaign needs your support and/or your money.
You can donate instantly online. You can also donate via Internet Banking to our BNZ Account 02 0500 0908920-00 or by sending a cheque to the Free Speech Coalition, PO Box 12270, Thorndon, Wellington.
Furthermore, you can sign up as a supporter, join the mailing list, place banners on your own sites, or help out in other ways. Your help is needed. We can't rely on the politicians to protect our rights to criticize them. Once this Bill becomes law, then it will be too late.
So please help us all to Kill the Bill.
No Minister is happy to add its voice to that of David, Bernard & Cameron on behalf of "The Free Speech Coalition”

There are no gays in Iran!

Oh Mahmoud, sweetie, look at you here darling.
And isn't he just soooo gorgeous , sweetheart!
You cannot beat a real man with a beard. Is he a big boy too!?
After the business involving the son of Bill English, I was reluctant to post on gay matters.
But this pic is just all too delicious to resist.
I found it online yesterday, having read President Armed Jihad's speeches in the US on Little Green Footballs and our own Liberty Scott blog.
In it, the Iranian president said there were no homosexuals in Iran.
When told they were, he asked for their addresses, saying his government wanted to know.
Now, was this so he could execute a few more, or so the muslim man-lover could have them for his own pleasures?
I guess we can put it all down to cultural differences.
But it's not like man-on-man action is unknown in the muslim Middle- east.
And we mustn't forget Yasser Arafat liked his men too, as we recall this blog post a few weeks back......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Glock 1, Hammer Nil, Tazer Sidelined

Where are the idiot members of the vocal anti-Tazer brigade this morning?

What do these fools want the police to do? They don't want crims shot, they don't want crims tazered, they don't want crims pursued.

I say good on the cops. One less P hyped welfare beneficiary to beat up his spouse, father hordes of useless children and smash up our state owned houses.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nature Answers Clark's Carbon Credits Scheme

Ruapehu erupted again and spewed vast amounts of green house gases, other vapours and tonnes of rock and ash into the atmosphere and stratosphere.

This event is a salutary lesson to the silly little people who peddle their global warming religion and it's compulsory tithing down our throats.

Has anyone calculated (a) the amount of CO2 etc which was 'emitted' last night and (b) the cost of carbon credits required for us to 'buy back our virginity' so to speak? The message Nature is sending to Labour is simple. You are farting against thunder and thunder will always win. Here is Climate Change Minister David Parker addressing the question.

Has anyone noticed that both The Guardian and the Financial Times have rubbished such emmission trading schemes? Well yes, Fran O'Sullivan has noticed.

'homophobia' in the household- Young English pays for the 'sins' of his father

Bill English today is consulting his lawyers over a story concerning his 14-year-old son's 'homophobic' comments on the bebo social networking website.
No doubt the boy was exposed because of who his father is, which is pretty despicable in itself.
English, a catholic, now finds himself quizzed as to where the son got his views from. Is Bill to blame?, is the story angle.
I have undergone a similar conversion. My parents have too and I would say so have many people as society's values have, thankfully, changed.
It is called growing up.
Now, there are those who still have anti-gay views. But what does this achieve?
Well, a mate of mine would like to live with his boyfriend, but due to the 'homophic' values of the family, the boyfriend remains in the closet and the pair cannot live together happily ever after. Because the boyfriend was unable to contact my mate for nearly a week due to 'family buisness', my mate thought he was not wanted anymore and attempted suicide.
Then, there are those married men who still like other men. They too are in the closet but will seek their jollies with men on the side without their wives knowing. I know this happens because before he met his current boyfriend, my mate has slept with many such men.
Now, of course, the real test is how a parent would react if a son or daughter told them they were gay. If you have kids who might be gay, chances are they would like to tell you.
But if they are too frightened to, then imagine the heartache you are causing them, stopping them from living the lives they want to lead.
Much as you might disapprove, there in no 'lifestyle choice' involved. You cannot change how God or Gaia created you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keeping abreast of the situation at Christchurch Casino

When I heard this story today I laughed a little. It was sent to me at work and some emails were sent around. That the lady involved ran to all and sundry in the media about the issue is enough in itself.

Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB couldn't see an issue in it. But John Campbell, who is becoming more nauseating by the day, of course stressed her 'right' to wear what she wants. Somehow he thought it was discrimination. The worst thing was my wife started agreeing with him! I asked if I walked around Sky City with my scrotum hanging out whether she thought Sky City had the right to chuck me out. Oh yes was her answer, but what she is wearing isn't offensive. I replied that was a subjective matter.

The point is actually very simple. Ms Simpson actually does have the right to wear what she wants, subject to the right of others not to be offended by what she is wearing. So her right is limited. I mean she couldn't walk around the Casino with a swastika flag wrapped around her could she. Another limit is the right of the Casino, which allows entry subject to their rules, to kick her out if they think she is not obeying the rules.

It's their choice, and it's subjective. But just in case John Campbell decides to read this I'll make the point again: there are rules in the Casino. If you think you fall foul of them don't go. It doesn't matter if Joe Public thinks it wasn't offensive (as TV3's straw poll seemed to say). Joe Public doesn't make the rules at the Casino.


Australian Federal Police Seek Bigger Budget

Rarely has Adolf seen such blatant nonsense as this story being hyped by the pinko greenies of the ABC.

Where do I start? Here's what happens to hapless police commissioners when they get ahead of their own game and pronounce themselves experts in fields about which they know little..

Federal Police Commissioner Keelty refers to 'predicted climate changes in China.' Predicted by whom? Al Gore, Groucho Marx or Paris Hilton? He claims they will cause an invasion of Australia by hordes of yellow peril, seeking new rice paddies.

If you were a starving Chinese, why on earth would you try to get to Australia when Indonezia, Malaysia and Thailand are so much closer and easier?

If climate change is going to bugger up China's food production, where the fuck in Australia do these idiots think they are going to grow rice? The Gibson desert?

Does Keelty think climate change will adversely affect China but have no effect on Australia?

Does he not realise that for every advere effect of climate change there is a positive effect? Has he not thought through the obvious logic that a slight increase in world temperature will bring vast new tracts of hitherto unproductive 'cold' land into production? Does it not occur to him that Mongolia will probably produce more grain than Australia if the world warms up a little?

If this is the best the top bobby in Australia can do, it's no wonder our blokes took three days to look in the most obvious place for a body. They are intellectual giants compared with this idiot.

Australia leads 5 to 2 in the game that matters

More doom and gloom on the economic front, just to confirm that Liarbour isn't working.
Stuff today reports of a "hard landing ahead" as kiwi households struggle with high debts and high interest rates.
Businesses will also suffer and more finance firms could collapse, the story also warns.
But here comes the kicker
Official figures out this week are expected to show annualised economic growth of about 2 per cent, against 5 per cent in Australia, if the impact of the drought is excluded.
Now isn't it time we changed our team in the game that really matters- the game in which New Zealand would currently fail to make the World Cup.
New Zealand must dump the "All Reds" and its captain Helen "wealthcrusher" Clark and go for the "Pale Blues" and their new boy John Key.
And if we do, New Zealand might start scoring and catch up with those Wallabies!!!.

Incidentally, as noted elsewhere, it is interesting to see that Australia's top source of immigrants are New Zealand and the UK- both of whom have Liarbour governments. It would be so ironic if the Aussie's elect the kind of government that their chief sources of immigrants are fleeing from.

Is John Key turning into Mini-Me to Helen Clark's Dr `Evil?

It can be tough contributing to a right-wing blog, especially when the leader of your main party so often steals the clothes of the left.
There we were, last week, castigating Liarbour's carbon trading plan, pointing out how higher energy prices would hit our pockets, cost economic growth, while making neglible impact on global carbon emissions.
Only then to see National was happy with it too, even claiming Liarbour had stolen some of its policy.
This followed John Key commenting on New Zealand's relations with America, where he said only 'nuances' or something like it seperated him from Liarbour on foreign policy.
And then we see Bill English suggest the most modest of asset sales, rather than anything significant.
Peter Cresswell at Not PC has often derided "John Boy" as he calls him, pointing out the leading Gnat is little better than Dear Leader and policywise little seperates the two.
I don't want to go down this line yet, but the lack of difference between National and Liarbour is starting to worry.
If we want a National government, don't we want it to actually impose right-of-centre National policies and principles? Do we really want 'Labour-lite?'
So far, John Key has played a clever game and it has worked. He has maintained and built on the healthy lead in the polls that he inherited from Don Brash almost a year ago. He is preferred Prime Minister in some polls. John Key has learnt not to frighten the horses, or the sheep. He has learnt to avoid creating points of difference where Liarbour and its media friends can beat him with a stick.
However, there will come a time that people will realise that if there is so little to choose between National and Liarbour, why change? Your own consituency, you own party may lose motivation too and where will you be if your helpers choose not to knock on all those doors?
Over in Britain, the UK Tories now face a crisis. Dave Cameron was, like Key, fresh and new and exciting, but echoeing UK Liarbour has not worked. A boost in the polls eventually fell flat as in reality there was no substance behind the leader. You cannot rely on your opponent (Clark or Blair) being unpopular. Leaders can change.
Announcing 'green' policies, as the UK Tories did recently, as bad as anything Labour could come up with, did not help either. Now, with a new leader, UK Labour is streets ahead in the polls, that would see Gordon Brown re-elected with a larger majority.
True the UK Tories can lose support to the right, such as to the UK Independence Party, while in New Zealand ACT is certainly failing to grab the broad acres on the right as National steps ever left, but National and John Key need to note the perils of becoming 'Labour Lite'.
This is what Colin Espiner had to say yesterday, concerning Bill English and assett sales.
One of the problems of being a party without any policies is that when the leadership so much as raises a suggestion of what the party might do, it is scutinised within an inch of its life, as opponents and the media try to figure out what it might mean.
Espiner accepts National has done well in maintaining support by not giving Liarbour a stick, but notes:
It also leads to taunts that National is Labour-lite. There have been too many “me-too” responses from the Opposition lately, on everything from KiwiSaver to foreign policy to nuclear energy to climate change. Sooner or later, it has got to come up with some policy of its own. Preferably policy that differs from that of the Government.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Which Kiwi celebs should appear on a National Party "A" List

When I saw the story in the Herald on Sunday, about soap star Adam Rickitt being caught shoplifting, I wondered how soon before the British media found out.
It seems he made some of the Sundays there too, plus the blogs as well, with Guido Fawkes being tipped off by a certain Kiwiblog.
What gets the media into a lather over this story, is not just that Rickitt is a soap star and pop star, having appeared in Coronation Street, as well as his current run in Shortland Street, he is also a would-be politician.
UK Tory leader Dave Cameron has placed him on an 'A'list of potential candidates, though Rickitt appears to have put his political ambitions on hold for now.
Indeed, if as widely speculated, if Gordon Brown does call a UK General Election today, I guess Rickitt has blown it for this term.
But it does beg the question. How appropriate is it for soap stars, tv stars and celebrities to run for office? Can they do a good job?
Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwartzeneggar and Fred Thompson delivered the goods for the US Republicans.
But I'm not aware of anyone remotely similar here in New Zealand?
Are there any out there? If not, who would we like to run for National?
And back to the British soap scene, while UK Labour could count on a few stars, until Rickitt came along, the best the UK Tories could attract was the actor who played Coronation Street's Ken Barlow, unless we include US soap glamourpuss, Dynastry's Alexis Carrington, the lovely Joan Collins.
BTW While Rickitt is in New Zealand, I do hope he gets plenty of good honest kiwi tucker inside him as he looks decidely thin and unhealthy. Adam Rickets might be a better name.

Shock Horror! National might sell a few farms and part of a coalmine.

"Selling off the family silver."
What emotional claptrap we see over the government owning a few power companies, Solid Energy and some farms.
Bill English has proposed a modest plan to sell off parts of various government 'assets' like power firms to help raise revenue for infrastructure, with the government retaining control.
And while Clayton Cosgrove has yet to trot out the 'family silver' line, I guess it won't be long before someone does.
New Zealand has a crazy mish-mash of state-owned enterprise, crown entities, etc, etc, running on various lines of indpendence from the government and with full or parial state ownership.
For some entities, in practice we do not know whether they are state-owned or not.
Take power, Mercury Energy over the Fuliaga case some months back. This evile greedy corporate was actually an SOE meeting financial targets set by Cullen and Dear Leader. Private power companies were actually more 'socially responsible.'
Look around at what the government does own, control, supply, and what do we see- poor and expensive service, poor quality, general failure.
State supplied health is a mess, state-supplied education is a mess, state-supplied roads, much as I oppose tollways, are also a mess. Yet costs are always increasing rapidly to provide such services, badly. The provision of water services and related sewage is proving controversial and expensive in Auckland, for example.
We hear some on the left talk about 'essential services' saying that because they are essential, they must be provided by the state. Growing up in Britain, I certainly survived the provision of privatised water , privated gas, privatised electricity.
Let us have state-owned supermarkets then and nationalise the farms. There are few things more essential than food. Imagine how Liarbour would mess this up? Could Cullen run Pak'N'Save, Steve Maharey Foodtown, Annette King New World? It would be a recipe for starvation and shortages.
We hear people complain about schools, health, crime, the traffic, all things the government controls or supplies the bulk of. Yet, our supermarkets satisfy millions of kiwis everyday.
I am not advocating we suddenly sell off the schools and hospitals tomorrow, but seeing how badly managed they are in New Zealand, could some form of private provision be any worse?
For now, I'd be happy to see sensible debate on what government should own and what it should not. Does it need to own a few farms on the South Island or wherever? What does Landcorp do that a private owner cannot? Why should the mining of coal be state owned when the mining/quarrying of stone and other buildings materials are not?
Why do we have such a complicated mish mash of SOEs, council-owned operations, trust owned firms, private firms, etc, in the utility sectors? Might a restructured set up of few larger privately-owned operators be more efficient, gaining economies of scale?
Instead, let's hear Liarbour spout emotional claptrap over "selling the family silver". But if they do, consider how well they run the assets they currently do. Perhaps health and education might not be in such a sorry mess if government could concentrate on fewer 'core' services/ assetts?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Rise of the New Zealand Nazi Party

Not until Adolf entered the surreal world of blogging had he heard of Godwin's Law.

This so called law in fact is a convention invoked by the chattering class, whereby anyone who uses the Nazi regime of the 1930s and 40s as an analogy during a debate is deemed to have lost the debate. The first time he saw reference to it Adolf thought to himself that it reflected poorly on the intellectual rigour of those wishing to apply it.

This week-end's newspaper columns confirm the sad truth that people who deliberately shut from their minds the reality of recent history tend to be the first to repeat the mistakes of their forebears. It was the British intellectual chattering class who gave Hitler the support and confidence he needed to impose his evil will, step by stealthy step. It was Churchill who accurately identified the regime as 'rogues and gangsters.' Yes, rogues and gangsters are charitable descriptors for New Zealand's modern day Labour Party whose similarity to the Nazi party of pre-war Germany becomes more remarkable day by day. One major difference however is that Hitler had more talent on his front bench.

Adolf picked the sinister warnings nearly a week ago when he posted on Labour's declaration that the EFB was aimed at 'religious organizations.' However it took Matthew Hooton to pick up on the dreadfully totalitarian comments of Maharey and Cullen as they assured Parliament that their dear little bill would only punish those religious organizations which decide to campaign against Labour. Our acquiescent Antique Media should be shouting from the roof tops, yet it is strangely silent. Is it looking forward to the advertising bonanza which it will receive as the approved monopoly for information distribution?

It was a year ago that one of Adolf's friends at church who normally supports Labour suggested that there was starting to be seen a tinge of the totalitarian in the government of the day. This week the tinge became a dominant pattern of dreaded red and black.


It was only a matter of time before Whaleoil responded:

The only question remaining is; who will be the modern day Colonel Von Stauffenburg?. All it needs is a bomb under the table.

Liarbour's house journal demands taxcuts as Kiwi householders face the 'end of the golden weather.'

I tried finding the link, but you may need a lie down on hearing this.
The leftist editor of the Sunday Star-Times today called for taxcuts to help householders cope with a barrage of cost of living increases due in the months ahead.
The paper looked at what is expected to happen to the cost of staples such as bread and butter, as well as fuel, and significant cost increases are expected largely due to global conditions.
A related article noted that a pay rise for teachers now classifies them as rich as they pay the top rate of tax, which was something only to happen to the top 5%, claimed Liarbour in 1999.
I couldn't find either article on Stuff but the Herald on Sunday offers a similar story on grocery prices here.
It all highlights how bloody well lucky Clark and Cullen have been in recent years. Farmers have done well from high commodity prices, the world economy has raced ahead too, allowing a fake aura of prosperity to help keep Liarbour in power even if New Zealand slips ever further behind other countries.
But now the going is about to get tough. Those high commodity prices are to get even higher, so while our farmers will be quids in, consumers will notice sharp increases in grocery costs.
There will also be fuel and power price hikes too, with knock on effects, compounded by the Liarbour's greenhouse policies announced last week.
This led the SST editor Cate Brett to comment on Clark having a 'let them eat carbon" mentality in her page 2 editorial.
When one of 'Helengrad's little helpers' starts taking this line, and notes the impending damage to middle New Zealand, which she can no longer ignore, then Liarbour faces real problems.
As indeed we all do, once the mounting bills starts landing on our doorsteps, at the checkouts, at the fuel pump.
The bare faced reality is that for many, living standards in New Zealand have barely changed since Liarbour was elected in 1999- whatever extra we earned went in tax. For many more now, rising living costs might even make our standard of living fall.
It all goes to emphasise how Clark and Cullen have squandered the best economic conditions in decades. If this wasn't a case for them to go, then what else could there be?

Lewis Caroll Lives On................

Seldom does Adolf agree with Matt McCarten but today he does - and with Bill Ralston.

Both writers put thrust their journalistic javelins into the heart of the collective folly displayed by Copeland, Tamaki et al. And quite rightly.

It's almost as though Copeland, Tamaki and Lewis orchestrated their own crucifiction. Of course they will still be arguing about who should be the Messiah and who should be the common thieves.

Readers will know Adolf is a committed Christian who has long considered overtly Christian political parties to be akin to the Pharisees who prided themselves on declaring to the world how Godly they were. McCarten, somewhat with tongue in cheek, suggests God decided to intervene and bring about the destruction of the God Party. I don't know about that. God may well have much more important business at hand and with idiots like these at the helm He surely could rely on them to bring bout the desired result without the need for divine intervention.

I'd like to see a list of MPs and candidates who are Christians. These are the people who will exert genuine influence. People like Bill English and Chris Auchinvole. Are there others? Probably but I don't know who they are because they do not wear their religions on their sleeves.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Voting with their feet

Dear Leader is down in the polls but what is a real worry is that people are voting with their feet.
The Kiwi exodus over the Tasman continues as Granny Herald reported today.
"Brain Drain losses a worry" was the headline, with some telling comments about failures within government immigration policy.

The number of New Zealanders leaving to live in Australia accelerated to 25,940 in August, the largest annual net outflow since late 2001.

"While 'professionals' are still offsetting the net outflow in other skill sets, even professional migrant inflow is the lowest in five years ... and continues to head south," Beacher said.

"The well-documented 'brain drain' of 2000-2001 was a rush out the door from all skill sets ... could we see a repeat? More policy response in this area is urgently required."

Of course, what really matters is New Zealand having a economic policies that will help up catch up with our friends over the Tasman. With each trip I have to oz, the wealth gulf seems to widen.

And what was the government interested in this week, more tax and controls to tackle supposed global 'climate change.' A policy it admitted would choke off economic growth.

Emperor Clark is fiddling while the kiwi economy burns.

I do hope that if those ex-pat kiwis are Gnats, that they remain registed to vote Dear Leader out next year.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Now Killjoy Clark cracks down on streakers! as Marc Ellis gives the PM the finger!

Dear Leader certainly is a killjoy.
Her comments concerning the Kevin Rudd stripshow visit certainly confirmed it a few weeks back.
Now, it seems our Princess of Puritanism has slipped one past us- a crackdown on streakers.
Who knew until that big tosspot himself, Marc Ellis bared all at Greymouth last week, risking a $5,000 fine.
Police say they won't charge the former All Black, who it seems has joined the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in opposing our dictatorial government, because no-one has complained- yet.
His naked dash comes after Parliament introduced legislation meaning anyone caught streaking at major event could be jailed for up to three months and fined $5000, reported the NZ Herald.
"It was definitely a finger at the Government," Ellis said of his streak.
For a Pom, I am saddenned at Clark's attempt to stifle such frivolous pleasures.
That famous shot at Twickenham features a policeman covering the bits of Australian; and Erica Roe, who showed off her ample charms in another classic pose, was also Australian.
So why does Dear Leader oppose streakers?
Is it because maybe she just wants to show off herself but is too scared!
In the meantime, here's Ray Stevens with that classic song, The Streak.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to the David and Nicky Show!

Well, who would have thought it!
David Farrar and Nicky Hagar appearing before a select committee within minutes of each other today- and being on the same side!
Of course, both have different ideas over campaign laws, but what an indictment we have concerning Liarbour's plan to stifle opposition and steal the forthcoming coming election, that National's nemisis and one of the party's greatest cheerleaders (and assets) find themselves almost side by side in opposing Helengrad.

Select Committee Sinks Hubbard

All Dick Hubbard has left to do before he ignominiously exits the Auckland mayoralty is to approach the District Court and ask for a jail sentence. I can't remember seeing a select committee so thouroughly flail the hide off anyone as it has done on this occasion.

Whaleoil will be hard put for adjectives.

Let's tax the air we breathe, as Clark announces 'green' tax grab

After failing to find 'new blood' in the Liarbour Party for an upcoming ministerial reshuffle, Clark is now sinking her teeth into the economy to drain any life it might still have left in it.
"The Government's bid to tackle climate change - issued this morning - warns individuals and businesses to reduce pollution or pay the price," reported NZPA this morning.
Forestry starts the programme next year, with petrol prices to be hit from 2009, electricity generation in 2010. Farming joins the scheme in 2013.
(Energy Minister) "Mr Parker said there would be a small hit to economic growth, but action had to be taken," NZPA continued.
NZPA noted New Zealand's growing "Kyoto Liability"- remember, NZ was supposed to benefit from global carbon trading by several hundred million or so, but will be over a billion or so in deficit annually.
And Clark saying climate change was one of the world's most important issues facing New Zealand.
Stuff has more detail here.
So here we have it, tax, tax and more tax; control, control and yet more control.
Not a word on any subsidies or anything to reduce greenhouse emmissions, say tax deductable insulation programmes, for example.
It all gives credence to commentators like sceptic and climate change expert Christopher Monkton who mockingly proposed taxes on joggers, etc, because of the carbon dioxide emissions they release. He also proposed taxes on fizzy drinks, including champaigne, because of the carbon dioxide bubbles inside them
Monckton said the Government was at last making real "the dream of every tyrant – to tax the very air that we breathe".
"From now on, every time you exhale you will be paying through the nose for it, literally as well as metaphorically," he said.
The planned cap-and-trade policy was "silly" and exploited "needless public alarm about global warming".
"None of these suggestions is as silly as the carbon trading which the Government proposes," he said.
And I don't think he even mentioned Liarbour's abandonned 'fart tax.'
Hat Tip- Whale Oil

Copeland buggered after marriage failure

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to witness the political union of Brian, I mean Richard, and Gordon.
Is there any unlawful impediment why these two men should not be together in political matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace...."
Like some plotline in a soap opera, it was the bride who spoke out; Gordon Copeland, who it seems could not join hands with the groom.
Of course, like Charles and Diana, there were already 'three in this marriage' - the secret or not so secret hand of 'Bishop' Brian Tamaki.
For one of the more sensible Christians, Copeland whom I recall from Election 2005 had a sound grasp of economics, it was all too much to bear.
But this political union seems one more noose for the hapless and hopeless MP, which both Audrey Young and Colin Espiner note. Certainly the churches aren't happy either.
No doubt we can joke whether the marriage had already been consumated, but Copeland is probably well and truly buggered today.
Of course, there is a serious issue of how far should Christians or other religious groups get involved in politics. Should they form their own parties? I believe not as Chrsitians do not all think the same way, and neither do Maori, for example.
But had a new Christian Party worked, where would it's support have come from? Who would benefit? The new party would have taken support from National, or its potential coalition partners, so the 'Godless' Liarbour Party would have benefited, noted by Vernon Small too.
Thus, the Christians would have got the reverse of what they wanted. The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Liarbour's Green polices- Rubbish!

There's only one word to sum up Liarbour's environmental policies, so far, Rubbish!
First, Dear Leader plans to slug us with extra fuel and power prices, which in turn will make everything else more expensive.
So-called environmentalism so far just appears to be another ruse for Liarbour to get its hands ever more deeper into our pockets.
As Michael Cullen has said, the party is "ideologically opposed" to taxcuts.
And any help for the lower paid will only, Liarbour hopes, will makes the peasants appear more grateful to our benovolent or malicious dictator.
Of course, it's not like Dear Leader and her henchmen and wimmin will follow the policies themselves. They will be covered by the taxpayer. It is a case of "Do as I say" not "Do as I do."
As for the extra rubbish charges. That will just lead to more waste being dumped in the countryside. How Green is that?

Liarbour flip-flops over tax

Don't let Liarbour ever accuse National and John Key over 'flip flopping' over anything.
Liarbour's promises on tax shows shows that it is a lover who cannot be trusted.
Prior to the last election, Liarbour promised a raising of tax thresholds.
The so-called 'chewing gum' budget.
Once the votes were safely gathered in, Liarbour reneged on its election promise.
Yesterday, papers revealed that Labour considered a billion of taxcuts last year but judged them inflationary.
Today, Cullen says tax cuts are 'affordable.'
But how much inflation is actually caused by government!
We should remember is comment about how Liarbour is 'ideologically opposed" to taxcuts.
Like I say, Liarbour is acting like some awful lover, a cheat who cannot be trusted.
There is only one answer to Liarbour's tax lies. Ditch the Bitch!

It's Goebbels Gollum Hodgson

Health Minister Pete 'Gollum" Hodgson has a new persona- Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebels.
Instead, they believe much has gone on bureaucracy, the system is innefficient and patient care standards have not improved.
Goebbels-Gullum, instead, belives such people are misinformed.
Perhaps they have experienced too many 'health service horror stories' themselves, which No Minister covered a few weeks back.
Now, the goverment is planning a major propaganda offensive on healthcare, just as its Electoral Finance Bill aims to stifle opposition to the Liarbour government.
But Gollum has come a cropper with the health Ministry bureaucrats.
Just as John Key was ripping into Liarbour over its health and other propoganda, health chiefs decided to remove 'pro-Labour' comments from some of the planned advertising. They have had enough of "Ve are only obeyin orders.'
Either there are just so many lies public servants feel they can tell, or they realise tha National's Allied Forces are marching on Helengrad and Dear Leader will soon be all alone in her 9th Floor bunker.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Clark Gets Religion

It seems The Electoral Rorting Bill has aroused the hitherto dormant religious right with one Michael Wynd asserting before the select committee that his church, Christian Life Centre, has more money to spend campaigning than the dreaded EBs. One imagines they might not be campaigning for Labour.

Adolf has seen Mr Wynd in action before and regards him as a good example of your Kiwi fundamentalist nutter. I am so pleased the Bilious Bitch has got up his nose because when these guys get an itch they don't just scratch, they gouge out the skin and they don't stop gouging until they expose arteries.

Methinks there may well be scenes of mass civil disobedience not seen since the Springbok tour of 1981. Just imagine how that will play out electorally for Labour, night after night on the nation's television screens, for a whole bloody year before an election.

Longest Ever Political Suicide Note

Colin Espiner has an excellent summary of the folly which is Labour's flagship election plank, announced today. The Carbon Tax. (Follows the equally suicidal Smacking Ban, Fart Tax and Electoral Rorting bills.) The comments thread is amusing and instructive with outraged lefties vigorously defending their demented leader's latest political debacle.

The Gnats don't need to say a word. Except maybe - 'Don't worry, we'll carry out an urgent review of all recent legislation immediately after the election and repeal everything we feel is not in the interests of ordinary WORKING New Zealanders.

Hell. I'm yet to be convinced carbon emissions have anything to do with climate change in the first place.

Paying for the Great God Gaia

Fuel and power prises look set to rise further, adding more pressure to tight budgets, though Dear Leader promises relief to poor and middle income households.
Now, fuel efficiency makes sense, tax relief or subsidies for solar power and insulation seems fair enough, but a trading scheme sounds very complicated and only of use to penpushers who would gain work in administering it. Taxes on fuel will also ultimately be passed on and impact on everything we buy.
As NOT PC notes today, we are already feeling the effects of global warning before it is yet to arrive. So the politicians, aided by a gullible and statist media, are pushing the line of global disaster that control, control and more control can only save.
And we the public will pay the price in terms of higher fuel prices, higher power prices, and increasingly higher food prices, as well as higher tax; all combining to give lower living standards all round.
I believe the climate is a little warmer than it was when I was a boy. Certainly Britain does not enjoy snow like it used to and gone seem the winters my parents endured when they were young. But the climate has always changed.
The Romans grew vines in England, the Middle Ages had a warm spell, and there were the Frost Fairs of the 1600s and 1700s when the River Thames would freeze over, and we have all seen those lovely Dickensian Chrismas cards with a coach and horses driving through the snow.
I'm sure if Maori had kept records, there might well be tales of Frost Fairs in Hamilton, for example.
Indeed, some 500 scientists do not yet believe in Global Warming and even if it is happening, it is probably happening naturally, is not due to man's activities as widely claimed, and that global warming might actually be beneficial.
Thus, our politicians want to tax and regulate our lives for something we cannot control and might even do us some good.
Of course, we have yet to have a debate as to whether tax and regulation is better than just trying to adapt, if global warming actually is man-made and happening anyway.
Think of that when Dear Leader announces her new 'green' taxes this week, and the price of food goes up because the farmers find there is more money in biofuels.
Just pray that she and National leader John Key does not follow the example of British Tory leader Dave Cameron, whose 'green' idiocies we reported on a few days ago.
In the meantime, think of Dear Leader filling the pumps with the fuel that might cause cars to explode, and this tale of Transit NZ stopping a man from importing an electric car, which it turns out is very unsafe never mind no greener.
Perhaps we should give the environmentalists in power a chance to stand up or rather drive what they believe in and issue them as standard government vehicles!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Will South Africa be the next Zimbabwe?

Yes, Aparthied was wrong but is the New South Africa, the 'Rainbow Nation,' any improvement on what went on before?

It seems that its ANC government is persuing its own form of racism almost as evil as the old.

Rapport newspaper writes:

"South Africa's 3-million Afrikaners -- all multilingual people with a high standard Western education and a protestant work ethnic -- are being forced back into the stone-age by the current ANC-regime's laws which bars such 'whites' from the labour market."

Of course, it was inevitable there would be some forms of 'affirmative action' or 'postive discrimination' to make up for the years of Aparthied rule, but does it have to be so blatant, so widespread and so obviously so destructive to South Africa's people and economy, as this second report shows the impact of such poverty on families.

It seems totally unfair to replace one set of racism with another, especially when it means those discriminated against will be better educated, qualified, etc. And if you don't pick your best people, you don't do as well as you might. Thus, business, government, the economy suffers.

South Africa's wealth might be cushioned by the current global minerals boom, but how soon before it faces the racist destruction of a once-prosperous economy, as seen over the border in Zimbabwe?

You would think Zimbabwe under Mugabe, or the post-colonial experience of most other African countries, might guide South Africa down a better path. It appears not.

I guess we can look forward to more South African immigrants into New Zealand. I know quite a few already, typically liberal journos in Auckland who sought the end of Apartheid themselves. The one exception lives in Hamilton, views his country as 'the Third World' and probably subscribes to the view of this blog 'South Africa Sux.'
However, the new plight of South Africa's whites remains uncovered by the MSM, which is why my links for South Africa are blog-related.

Might I add, this comes on top of another rarely told story, the deaths of 1700 white South African farmers (according to Wikipedia) in recent years, many of whom already face the taking by government of their land.

Last Year, I heard about the subject of murdered farmers on an Australian radio station but it appears that you need to seek out more from the blogs, such as this, which talks of the 'genocide' of the Boers.
In the meantime, neighbouring Zimbabwe has gone further down the path of racial socialism with the fastest shrinking economy in the world. The Economist notes further economic destruction here and the Church of England Archbishop of York, a black man, is calling for sanctions against the "racist" Mugabe government.
It is interesting to see that the failure of racist Marxist Zimbabwe is there for all to see, that the media cannot ignore it, so we get reportage on how its new racism his killing its economy and people.
But I guess that after decades of championing the end of Aparthied in South Africa to see it replaced there with a new form of racism and 'genocide' is hardly what the MSM had in mind.

Death of Democracy in Europe? Fallout from Brussels police brutality. Could it happen here?

In George Orwell's totalitarian novel 1984, there was a comment about a symbol of the future being a boot stamping on a human face.
In the European Union, after the Stop the Islamisation of Europe Protest, the equivalent symbol could well be a policeman grabbing the balls of a member of parliament.
Little has appeared in the mainstream media of the event, which featured 300 or so peaceful protestors being attacked and about half of them being arrested by the Brussels police.
I trawled Google today and found a story from Australia's ABC, but nothing for New Zealand.
Fortunately, the blogs have extensive coverage, particularly The Brussels Journal and The Gates of Vienna, complete with videos that are now on You Tube.
One commentator on the Gates of Vienna said the police reaction signelled the 'death of democracy' in the European Union, and suggested future protests focus more on 'free speech' rather than 'Islamisation', though they would make the same point.
Now, you might wonder what the protests and matters outlined above have to do with us in little old New Zealand, in our own 'benign strategic environment.'
If in the heart of Europe, the capital of a 'superstate' supposedly founded on principles of human rights amid other supposedly democratic things, can send in police bootboys against those who oppose its political correctness, it can easily happen here in New Zealand.
We have seen already how the police have lost much of their independence, how it is "not in the public interest to prosecute" Labour MPs or the party for lawbreaking; the SIS is under the control of Dear Leader, and now it seems the Serious Fraud Office.
We have also seen Liarbour ride roughshod over electoral law to help steal an election
Thus, if Liarbour does win a fourth term, do not be surprised if the same thing happens here.

Liarbour's New Blood

Well, where else is Dear Leader going to find it, but in a sauce bottle, just like in those Hammer Horror movies I grew up with as a lad!
And before you say it D4J, maybe Helen does look a little like a vampire with those teeth of hers :)
The Sunday Star-Times follows on from the Weekend Herald with a analysis of the limited options of Dear Leader looking to put 'fresh blood" into her government.
The Star-Times does its best to talk up Liarbour's chances but reality makes the going hard.
However, it also notes:
"Labour's policy strategy has three main themes: national identity, economic transformation and families young and old. The new climate change policy officials are frantically putting together a carbon trading scheme will be central. It will give effect to Clark's "green" vision of New Zealand as a carbon neutral country, a beacon to a burning world. "
Well, if Liarbour sticks to this, I guess National need not worry too greatly. With rising living costs, the environment will be put on the backburner for most households, and the only 'economic transformation' we have seen in the Clark era is New Zealand falling significantly behind Australia and Britain in terms of living standards and further dropping down the economic league tables.
Either way, I was struck by two witty comments.
National leader John Key is already taking snipes at likely changes, saying "(Clark's) fishing in a very shallow pond without a very deep hook".
In addition to old 'favourites' like Mark Burton, Pete Hodgson, etc, also in for the chop, we also have New Plymouth MP Harry Duynhoven.
"Harry has always had a very high regard for his own abilities," said one Labour insider.
In the meantime, Bill Ralston presents another political column in the Herald on Sunday, noting "Halfwitted ministers a curse".
He writes:
"In politics, there is often a snowball effect. When one thing goes wrong, more calamities follow. A politician makes one mistake and becomes a magnet for trouble. I suspect Damien O'Connor is an example of this syndrome."
But looking at Liarbour's dried up corpse of a government, drained of energy, talent and fresh blood, why pick on O'Connor? He's not the only calamity.

The Dreaded H1/H2 Virus

Adolf is laid low and I mean, laid low. He thought he had jet lag (which he did) but he didn't realise he had picked up some virulent flu bug in France.

So much for the flu injection three months ago. The Quack cheerily informed me that protects against the four most common flu strains in NZ. Oh really?

Oh well, it's an odd way to drop seven kilos.

Back to bed and the box of tissues.

I may disagree with what you say, blah blah blah

I was over on this thread at Kiwiblog yesterday evening, sucked in once again by the long-running elaborate piss-take that is Redbaiter (see his 3 simple things to improve TVNZ for why I think he's a piss-take - or at least, why I hope he is one), when I was struck by a comment from Sideshow Bob. To save linking you over there yet again, I'll quote him in full:

MSM and some leftwing know it alls like to frequently comment about the white middle age trash that comments on rightwing blogs. Do not hear much comment about the comments on leftwing blogs, oh thats right they usually don’t like comment or it is quickly removed, such is their love of free thought and free speech (Tui add ). I’m with Redbaiter, what the left can’t stand are that the peasants are daring to challenge their world veiw.

Leaving aside the terrible grammar and the fact that I quite possibly count as "white middle age trash that comments on right wing blogs," I think it is actually fair enough comment. Lefty blogs have an appalling track record in this respect.

It's a given of the internet that if it's possible to leave comments, saddos like Dad4Justice or Millsy will turn up and indulge their personal obsessions, hurl abuse and litter the place with exclamation marks. Right-wing blogs suffer this as much as the left, and banning the trolls or switching comments off because of them simply confirms their paranoia for them. Ignoring them is by far the best bet (and I admit to a signal failure in this respect when it comes to D4J).

Another given of the internet is that if you post a left-wing opinion and allow comments, the hate-filled munter end of the right wing is likely to turn up and spew its bile all over your thread. And just to be clear, I don't mean by this right-wingers who turn up and make a good argument you don't like and can't answer, I'm talking about the ones who do a good line in vile abuse of any social group they don't personally belong to, and not much else. It's probably this aspect, rather than the trolling, which leads blogs like Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty, Just Left and No Right Turn to adopt restrictive comments policies or turn comments off altogether.

I think that's the wrong approach. For one thing, it's worth having this stuff on display as a reminder to the country that there's still no shortage of these people out there. For another, it's worth noting that Public Address: System doesn't seem to suffer this problem very often, because hate-spewers are swiftly shown up for what they are by people who are patently their intellectual and moral superiors.

In short, make a stand for freedom of expression if you believe in it, lefto bloggers! Or have the guts to say so if you don't.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Liarbour to lose says Fairfax as Granny raises the Titanic

When the mighty Fairfax`Media empire says you are in the shit, you truly are in the shit.
Often left-leaning, particularly over the Tasman where it openly backs Labor, Fairfax has delivered the news in the first of its polls that will set Helengrad trembling.
The poll says 62% of the population, including Liarbour voters, believe Helen and her henchmen and wimmin will be booted out come next election.
The poll also has National on 50%- enough to govern all by itself- 14% ahead of Liarbour.
John Key has also opened a 7% lead in the preferred prime minister stakes.
Can it get any worse for Liarbour?
Other recent polls noted a slight rally for Liarbour, but National still streets ahead.
With the Electroral Finance Bill working its way through the select committee process and all comments seem to oppose it so far, news of rapidly rising food prices, the Ahmed Zaoui case, more finance houses going bust, an increasingly uncertain global economy, I cannot see any sudden improvement in store for Labour.
In a major assessment of the Clark years, Colin Espiner notes Dear Leader cannot be underestimated but she faces her "biggest challenge yet."
National will really have to stuff it up bigtime, so I hope they heed the warnings I gave them last night.
Liarbour will also have to pull a few rabbits out of the hat. No wonder it is twisting electoral processes to suit itself and giving concerns to some on the right by scrapping the Serious Force Office with its replacement being placed under direct Prime Ministerial control.
Cullen will no doubt have to bribe us all big time with our own money, billions of which he has raked up over the years.
We have a corrupt, incompetent and tired old government, lead by a leader so well past her use by date, so well past her prime, that the stench of her growing unpopularity is becoming noticeable by all.
Dear Leader now has to freshen up her government with a ministerial reshuffle, clear out the dead wood, smother some puppies, execute her faithful friends.
But as both Audrey Young and John Armstrong in the Weekend Herald note, the task will be like "changing the beds in Labour's retirement village", or is "deckchairs on the Titanic stuff."
NEWS UPDATE: TV1 Colmar-Brunton on Sunday shows Liarbour narrowing the gap to 10% from 16% in August, with Clark back on top. Guyon Espiner credits recent emphasis on foreign issues like APEC and Iraq war.
NEWS UPDATE 2: Clark's "polarising" figure, more from Fairfax Poll.

"Dirty little deal" frees the queuejumping "singing canary."

Any hope the government might earn some credit over the SIS no longer branding Ahmed Zaoui a security risk is shattered by the reaction from some of the country's top columists.

An online Stuff poll as well as comments from readers on the NZ Herald website also show a clear majority opposed to letting Zaoui stay in New Zealand.

Fran O'Sullivan in the Weekend Herald typically goes in boots'n'all stating "A dirty little deal has been forged."

"When the chips were down, Ahmed Zaoui sang like a bird to buy his freedom in New Zealand."

Thus Zaoui has made deals with the SIS and the CIA about his future associations, suggesting they were extremely murky in the past, which is why he is a convicted terrorist in two European countries and even banned from entering Britain.

However, more worrying is the threat of left-wing violence had Zauoi had to be forcibly removed, something the Herald's John Armstrong also touched upon yesterday.

"Neither party would have wanted the full-scale riots that would have incurred if Zaoui - who has been accorded martyr status by some media - was forcibly deported from New Zealand."

Thus, after being lionised by the left, we now see how a mob of political agitators can simply dictate security policies, even if a clear majority of the New Zealand public would happily see him kicked out.

As well as noiting the "comfortable wicket" Zaoui has found in a "trusting" New Zealand, comes this significant obervation.

"What is extraordinary is Tucker's admission that after Zaoui's arrival here seeking refugee status, he continued to have ongoing associations with individuals who had been involved with terrorist networks. This does not amount to a full-scale clearance of Zaoui's name - far from it.
The fact is that Zaoui entered this country illegally using a bogus South African passport that he flushed down the airplane toilet before seeking refugee status on arrival at Auckland Airport.
It's never been satisfactorily explained why he had to leave his family - a wife and four boys - behind in Malaysia to seek a new life in New Zealand. Malaysia, a Muslim country, has not kicked out the Zaoui family in the five years since Ahmed Zaoui has been in New Zealand. What is clear is that the Algerian has managed to jump the immigration queue ahead of other potential immigrants rather than follow the appropriate processes."

The theme of Zauoi's queuejumping is taken up by the more centrist Colin Espiner on Stuff who also condemns the SIS and the government.

"The SIS is going to have to do better than the reasons it’s provided to the public so far. They are that Zaoui had come clean about some things he previously hadn’t told them; that the SIS had recieved “fresh classified information” about the nature of his association with terrorist groups in Algeria; and the length of time he had been in New Zealand and his public profile.
The last excuse is perhaps the lamest of all - is the SIS saying that terrorists can come to New Zealand, as long as they settle down here, play soccer, get on the Campbell show on TV3, become a media celebrity and attend the New Zealand Music Awards."

And Colin continues:

"Immigration stuffed up every aspect of his arrest and custody, his interviews, and his subsequent hearings. The Refugee Status Appeals Authority gave the SIS and Immigration an absolute roasting for the way they handled the case, basically charging the SIS with relying on information it had pulled off websites.
Zaoui has become a major embarrassment for the government and the SIS alike, and I think that’s the real reason he is finally a free man.
I guess if tenacity, queue jumping and flushing one’s passport down an airliner toilet is what it takes to get to stay in New Zealand, then that is the message that goes out to the wider world."

In the meantime, the Greens are trying to speed up the arrival of his wife and 4 kids from Malaysia.

And noting no interviews from Zaoui himself in today's papers, I guess the fawning profiles can wait until tomorrow. If I see his face staring at me on the front of the Sunday Star-Times tomorrow, I think I'll just stick with the Herald on Sunday.

By the way, how is Christian convert and muslim apostate Ali Panah doing this fine weekend?

And finally, Ian Wishart and Investigate looks set to deliver the goods on why fears of Islamic terrorism brewing in New Zealand are well and truly founded.