Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Did The Dems Cave In?

Adolf has noticed of late the Dems in the US seem to be coming out in support of THE SURGE.

This, following eight months of empty rhetoric in which The Dems failed to make any impact on Bush's conduct of the war and in fact gave him all the funding he needed. At heart they are gutless wind bags.

A couple of days ago there were reports in the WaPo that Hillary Clinton and assorted other Democrat senators and congressmen were recognising some successes in Iraq. It seems the vapid defeatists Pelosi and Reid are becoming isolated, along with the hysterical leftist nutroot blogosphere. Now it is possible to see why.

The Islamofascist victory, for which the Democratic Party, most US media organisations and the Australian and New Zealand Left have worked so hard, appears about togo up in smoke. If this report is correct and there is little reason to doubt it is, then the insurgency (there is no war, just a vicious, murderous insurgency) is about to go up in smoke.

The American Democrats, Australian Kruddites and New Zealand's spineless appeasers' worst fears are about to come true. Maliki has made the necessary political moves to end the slaughter, thanks in large part to the muscle provided by General Petraeus' surge. Why, even that idiot Obama is talking about sending 30,000 MORE troops to Iraq.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodness! The BBC now is actually reporting that local tribes are turning against and driving out insurgents.

KG said...

There's a traitor in the ranks off the BBC, obviously!

KG said...

"of" that is.

Anonymous said...

I think the latest National Intelligence Estimate is probably more reliable.

Anonymous said...

"At heart they are gutless wind bags."

As opposed to the ignorant incompetants who manufactured this war?

Anonymous said...

Another useful analysis of current thinking amongst US foreign policy experts: