Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where Is All The Money Going?

'Free to air' television advertising revenue is down by $3 mil for the past six months, we are told.

Surely an enterprising cub reporter might have asked a few questions? Such as:-

Has there been a corresponding spending increase in other media sectors?

Is there more being spent on subscription TV advertising? (Which, BTW, annoys the hell out of me when I have to sit through these bloody ads after I've already paid for Sky)

Is there in fact a general decline in overall advertising expenditure as business leaders anticipate the forthcoming Labour induced recession which has been triggered by a general collapse of the finance company sector?

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Dave Mann said...

Television advertising revenues are declining because viewership is declining across the medium generally.

Viewership is declining because the programs on offer are crap.

The programming is crap because the content buyers are moronic imbeciles who select programs that appeal to their own type.

Intelligent non-imbeciles are turning to the internet (especially blogs) for their news and entertainment.

... which leads us back to para 1 above...