Thursday, August 30, 2007

Speaking of hypocrites, what's the latest on Trevor Mallard!

No Minister is a pro-family values blog and we take no pleasure from the break down of any marriage.
We will however, note what a hypocrite of the highest order is Trevor Mallard, especially concerning his "speaking of affairs" and "How's Diane?" comments concerning Don Brash, almost a year ago.
Much has been said in my absence by Adolf, Whale Oil, Insolent Prick and Cactus Kate on the issue, that there is nothing I can add other than some captions to the pics I found on Google of the Duckman.
Top left- Trevor with his bag of belongings after the wife kicks him out of the house.
Top right- Trevor 'borrows' some children, in case he doesn't see his for quite some time.

Bottom right- Trevor gets the message from the missus- on your bike!
Come on, can you do any better?
While the Herald on Sunday's story was tame, kudos to them for bringing Trevor's marriage out into the open.
Now, let us hear the full story.
Is there another woman involved, as seems to be the case?
Was horseplay happening as Mallard was making his attacks against Don Brash in parliament a year ago?
What is this about a woman joining Mallard in Valencia?
Was it at taxpayers' expense?
I am sure there is much potential for a follow-up, not just in the big papers but the women's magazines too.
Let's expose this hypocracy for all that it is worth.


Anonymous said...

Yes let's cast the first stone shall we.

Even though I think he's a shite and would never vote for him.
If he can't be faithful to his wife how can he be to us?

The rugby maul that would be the media frenzy will hurt his kids.

Count me out.


Socrates said...

For a start, where is there an implication in that story that another person is involved?

And I am pleased to see that National hasn’t gone near it.

mawm said...

Yes let's cast the first stone shall we.

Too late, he beat us to it

Anonymous said...


So we are not allowed to talk about any MP then because it hurts their kids? Oh dear. it all falls on Mallard, he should stop hiding behind being given a break because of his kids and take his beatings like a man.