Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ruddy hell! Fairfax fires blogger over Kevin's cock-up as Australia laughs at the wannabe wanker.

Irony upon irony is setting the scene in Australia following controversy over Kevin Rudd's visit to a New York Strip club- an event he was apparantly too pissed to remember.
First of all, where are the feminists attacking such a blatant sexist act, of Rudd exploiting those poor working girls, as he visited Scores on a taxpayer funded junket?
Apparantly for ALP members, it's all right, no matter how much they talk about their Christian family values.
Then, late yesterday came news of that great Aussie defender of worker's rights against the evil Howard regime- Fairfax Media- has sacked a blogger- the award-winning Jack Marx of the Sydney Morning Herald- for a satirical post imagining what might have happened on that fateful club visit.
All this is great fun for Aussie blogger Tim Blair and his many readers, relishing such controversy, as much as we are at No Minister.
Somone even digs up a speech from Fairfax Media CEO David Kirk talking about free speech to emphasise the ironies and hypocracies over the issue.
At least Fairfax Media in New Zealand can see the funny side, unless Stuff features a new cartoonist today.
Of course, it's all great fun, with Rudd appearing with Kerry O'Brien on the 7.30 report to explain himself, and he has also been linked to another sexclub, this time in Melbourne.
In the meantime, Tim Blair's commenters have dug up a selection of You Tube videos to take the piss out of dear old Kevni.
We have the Chaser's War on Everything with a spoof election advert (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB3Hlv7rg1M&mode=related&search=) , a bizarre debate in parliament where Rudd is called "a naughty boy" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6PrqA32Bp4&NR=1 ) and an appropriate song- The Bad Touch from The Bloodhound Gang (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTW8oUV8Aq0).
"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel..."
Finally, we mustn't forget New Zealand.
Dear Leader has expressed her displeasure, saying that visiting strip clubs is "inappropriate behaviour."
Remember, Labour don't like people making the most of their natural talents, even if they did legalise prostitution.
It is so unfair that some ladies and gentlement can make big bucks from having stunning bodies.
Labour believes in equality, right, so below shows a stripshow for the right on- the Chippendales. Even the Puss-faced Puritanical Princess might approve.


Ackers said...

It's actually become a non story. A complete beat up which if anything has backfired and increased Rudd's popularity.

The story was dropped on us by that eminent and respectable journalist Glen Milne, darkly hinting that Ruddd had been 'warned about inappropriate behaviour'. That turns out to be a sign on the wall in the club warning anyone who enters! Nice how these smears work. For a look at said journos own personal ethics his performance at last years Walkley awards was as prize winner.


Now we have the club owner confirming that in fact Rudd left soon after they arrived at the club, as soon as he realised it was a strip club he was out of there.

No surprise that the story hasn't developed the legs whoever leaked it (probably Downer) was hoping for. Another own goal by Liberal party strategists.


Ackers, I don't think the matter in itself will be too damaging either if Rudd spins his way out of it well.
He seesm to be.
But there will always be lingering suspicions about Rudd spinning his way too much, to be all things to everybody.
Andrew Bolt notices as much here.

As David Farrar notes over at Kiwiblog, a story about an Australian politician visiting a strip club leads the media in New Zealand to quiz our own politicians to ask if they have been too.
But when a government minister was outed as a practicioner of BDSM in a magazine, they not only failed to ask other politicians whether they indulged in BDSM, they didn't even run with the story.

But don't you think Fairfax Australia was a little over the top in firing that blogger.
At least their sister Kiwi company can see the funny side.