Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prima Facie Case For Press Gallery

Someone unkindly said that the Electoral Rorting Bill gives the press a free ride because 'you don't need to muzzle sheep.'

Of course the inference is that the ladies and gentlemen of the press gallery 'go easy' on the gummint of the day in order to ensure they continue to receive 'inside information' on the stories du jour. There may be some truth in that, I don't know because I'm not close to the action.

However there is an emerging story which should have the journalistic nostrils of an ambitious young political scribe twitching. It is the story of political spying and breaking and entering which has simmered for the past two years or so.

When one looks back over events of the last two years, one sees a pattern of covert surveilance and criminal activity emerging, which pattern does not seem to have existed before. It looks something like this:

We have the Foreman burglaries carried out by men in suits; the Brash e-mails stolen; Key's rubbish bins ratted by men in suits, Key's house burgled; a particular PI asked to spy on John Key; and now strong indications from the industry that Labour is using PIs to dig dirt on John Key. It seems to Adolf to be more than coincidence that the latest in this interesting litany became known just as Labour launched it's carefully co-ordinated public attacks on the character of John Key.

It is in the public interest for the people of New Zealand to know whether the party and its leadership which aspires to sit in opposition for the next twenty years is worthy of the priviledge or is just a gang of mobsters led by a shifty back room Al Caponesque buffoon and fronted by a glib band of publicity savvy liars.

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