Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A plea to our commenters

Over the years I've come to accept that right-wingers often hate gays, so for the most part I try to ignore their sodomy obsessions, their insistence on equating homosexuality with pedophilia and so on. Lately though I'm getting well sick of seeing commenters in our site's threads going on about "carpet-munching," "clam munchers" etc when expressing their hatred of the PM.

We know you hate lezzos, you dumbasses - we take that as read. Pricks like you hate just about everyone that isn't a fellow right-wing mouth-frother. You don't have to prove anything. Every time I read a comment from one of you rabbiting on about "carpet-munchers," all I can think is that if you hate "carpet-munching" that much, I can only feel really, really sorry for your long-suffering girlfriend.

In short - please spare us the merry quips about the PM's alleged cunnilingual preferences, not to mention the well-observed gags about her husband's supposed public toilet antics. You're only making yourselves look like twats.


Andrei said...

Of course PM this cuts both ways.

When the gay lifestyle is criticized or shown to be self destructive then th charges of homophobia and gay bashing are flung with gay abandon are they not?

Intellectual honesty and civility are the only way to deal with gay issues - something that is clearly lacking on both sided of the fence.

Helmet said...

I have to agree, the insults and innuendo are sounding pretty tired. True or not, we all know the rumours, can't we leave it at that for now?
As for the carpet munching, I'm a big fan except for the carpet part, the brazilian has to be the best thing ever to enhance both the male and the female experience IMHO.
Talk your wife/parter/girlfriend/FB into it they'll never regret it and sure as hell neither will you!

Sorry for straying off topic PM...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

In my innocence, I had not before come across the term 'carpet munching.' Is this somehow related to 'shag pile'?

KG said...

Agreed about the anti-homosexual slurs and rants.
But--the strong possibility that Dear Leader is not hetero does have a bearing on her behaviour, given the agenda of the more militant feminists.
I couldn't care less who she sleeps with, but if the company she keeps has an influence on her thinking, then that company matters. She's supposed to be a leader, fer gawdsake.

Psycho Milt said...

Adolf, I'm actually with Helmet on this one - preferably no carpet at all, but most definitely not shag pile!

Andrei & KG: agreed - if Clark were gay and in a marriage of electoral convenience, that fraud would be a legitimate stick for the right to beat her with. I just have a problem with the ugly abuse that tends to fill the comments thread whenever the subject is mentioned. It's something I prefer to be on the record as speaking out against, when it shows up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Milt. I'm a rightie but don't hate gays at all. No idea where you got that from.


Barnsley Bill said...

I agree with all commenter's on this thread but would say that when it comes to the PM and her convenient husband then the gloves are off. Is anybody in any doubt about her preferences?
it is not the preferences that are the object of derision but more the conceit and deceit shown by her to convince the public that all is not as it seems.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

s BB. That's about where I am too.

Danyl said...

I'm curious, Milt - how did you think this plea for restraint was going to pan out?

mawm said...

I'm with BB. It's the dishonesty - especially as many naive staunch christians support her party, people who might have religious objection to it.
It comes with the territory - if you want to be in politics you have to be honest or put up with the scrutiny.

Psycho Milt said...

"I'm curious, Milt - how did you think this plea for restraint was going to pan out?"

Well, certainly not with the lezzo-haters promising to mend their ways, that's for sure. I just felt like telling them what I think of them, basically.

Barnsley Bill said...

I think you are missing the point PM, personally i do not give a shit what people do at home, consenting adults are free to whatever they want in any way here in NZ and I believe this is a good thing, as for your lezzo haters comments I think you are sadly mistaken about how most red blooded men feel about the thought of a couple of women "getting it on" (possible exception to this rule is thoughts involving the gargoyle and the witch). I do however object to Liars who misrepresent themselves in such an enormous way.
The only other thing I find irritating is the whole gay Pride thing!
Proud of what? you are all born like it aren't you? proud of a chromosomal situation (nearly typed quirk) ... Bizarre.