Thursday, August 30, 2007

Phillip makes a right John of himself

You simply have to read this thread over at Farrar's place. I swear I was in tears of laughter.

It starts with roger nome, aka philip john making an irrelevant and impertinent comment on a post about the Electoral Finance Bill. Then the fun begins when he accuses the Business RoundTable of writing the Employment Contracts Bill through two lawyers. Of course philip john gets this information from.........Winston Peters in Parliament.

I managed to chime in with a correcting piece he acknowledged and then Insolent Prick and DPF just make a total dick of him. He then says he 'has to go' just when he was shown up as the twit he is.

It's bloody funny, but also bloody sad. Philip John is a wannabe academic.

God help us.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This is one of those times when all I can say to the Jolly Roger is "Having a wonderful time. Glad you're not here."

dad4justice said...

Poor Phillip John Crooks , the laughing stock garden gome of the internet. Does he study at Lickspittle University - Brokeback Mountain ?

Falafulu Fisi said...

Gooner said...
Philip John is a wannabe academic.

I completely agree here. I don't know if this twat Phillip John is studying economics at the Te Wanaga or not. It seems like that he is enrolling at the Te Wanaga, because he reasons like one.

There are lots of stupid articles on his website including the following:

Collective Bargaining Coverage, and Labour Productivity Growth

Phillip John claimed that he found pattern in the data, but a 3 year old boy could see that there is no pattern in the data. He didn't use any statistical test at all to verify his hypothesis, just pure bullshit assertion.

Economist Matt Nolan had replied to Phillip John's article ,saying the same thing:

Matt Nolan said : Firstly, there doesn't seem to be any significant pattern in the data.

I wondered what sort of economics that he is being taught at Te Wananga since he fails in the first test as to always verify a hypothesis by doing a statistical test, because reaching a conclusion by purely observing a graph and not a statistical test is quite deceiving.

Anonymous said...

um..!..peters was in the cabinet when the national party were bought with that million from faye richwhite..

and faye richwhite staffers drafted that policy..

that was part of the 'payback' it were..