Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pete Hodgson & Garbage

We all know John Key caught someone going through his rubbish bin looking for.....garbage. Well, it looks like the Labour Party have found garbage because they are filtering it through the media now. As a follow up to FM's post, here are some pathetic, weasel quotes from Hodgson trying to justify the digging:
Mr Hodgson later told the Herald that he was not sure whether Mr Key had broken any law, and in fact it was "entirely possible he hasn't".

Asked why the issue had been raised now, Mr Hodgson referred to a recent Herald article which discussed how many MPs lived outside their electorates.

He said that had triggered some interest, the Labour Party had already done some "digging", and he collated it and took it to the House for the general debate.

Mr Hodgson's attack met with immediate derision from National Party deputy leader Bill English, who said that on a day when New Zealanders were thinking about high interest rates, events in the global economy and the state of the health system, the most important thing was apparently where Mr Key lived in 2002.
Absolutely Bill.

There are some seriously nasty and evil people in that Labour Party. Instead of focusing on the country's problems they are wallowing in the cesspit. Mallard, Hodgson, Cosgrove. They're nothing but playground bullies.

Ministers of the Crown? No way.


flambee'd pickle said...

So Hodgson sees fit to expend his energies (and taxpayer money) on shabby attempts to turn a molehill into a mountain range ...

Pity is that if the Labour caucus put half as much energy into governing the electorate as they put into directing spiteful, malicious sniping and half-truths at their opposition then this country would be better for it.

A hard habit to break, evidently, as this government has constantly played the man and not the ball. Not a winning strategy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You'd think they'd listen to someone like John Armstrong who is trying to hard to tell them they have picked a disastrous strategy. Disastrous for themselves, that is.

Inventory2 said...

Labour is history, stuffed, goneburger. The only problem is that we have to put up with the stench of the dying carcass for another 12 months. C'mon Helen - put everyone out of their misery, and call an election!

Barnsley Bill said...

calling for an early election is wasted words, you would have more luck getting turkeys to vote for an early xmas.