Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now You Know Why

The Bilious Bitch has gone ballistic over the last few days. First came her sly underhanded jibe about John Key's wealth and then her extraordinary and outrageously unprincipled criticism of Alexander Downer, the latter of which will inevitably find her pinioned by the media for lying about advance notice of his speech. She is lashing our like a mad dog with rabies and now I can see why.

She's taken a hiding in the latest opinion poll.

Not just a hiding but a veritable thrashing.

God knows how much further she will go down when the next lot of polls reflect her latest rabid ravings.


Barnsley Bill said...

I hope they do not have a putsch to save themselves. We all need Clarke and Cullen to remain at the helm right till the end. The worst thing that could happen now is for Goff to take over, they would see an immediate recovery in their polling.

KG said...

I really doubt the figures mean all that much, although I'd like to think otherwise.
Cullen will simply pop out a whole lot of new bribes for the Labour-voting demographic using money ripped off the taxpayer.
Does anybody seriously suggest that some welfare beneficiary is going to Say to himself "no, there's a principle at stake here" and vote against an increase in their payments?
Same for teachers and assorted bureaucrats.
Not on your life.