Friday, August 31, 2007

Let The Killing Begin

The Police trial of tazer guns concludes today and a report with recommendations for the future is expected in November. (Just in time for a pre-Christmas snap election.)

Meanwhile the loopy anti-tazer brigade can rest easy now that their criminal friends have a few months respite during which they can face real live ammunition from Mr Glock instead of the evil 50,000 volts from Mr Tazer.

If the police want to ensure tazers are given the go ahead for permanent use, all they have to do is shoot and kill at least one crim each week from now until November.

1 comment:

dad4justice said...

Great the cops need to use tazers in domestic violence situations . I am thankful they did not zap me? Note well , anybody with an existing heart condition might as ask the police for the bullet to the head , thank you mam. The police cannot be trusted with any defence weapon - just look how they treat the use of the baton!!!