Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Key laps it up as poll-dancer Helen strips off support

Looks like John Key has pissed off Dear Leader again.

No, it's not National being nearly 20 points ahead in the latest Roy Morgan Poll, which Adolf blogged about earlier, but the naughty multi-millionaire has been to a New York strip joint.

Dear Leader won't comment on Key's visit directly, but in reference to Kevin Rudd yesterday, she said such shows are not "appropriate entertainment."

Now, as controversy over Kevin's cavortings escalates over the Tasman, Australian ministers are admitting to visiting such shows themselves.

As John Key admits to his own visit, how many ministers have been to them here? Which Labour member has been to Mermaids? Showgirls, or Showboys! Dare they admit it now, especially as it will incur Prime Ministerial displeasure?

Of course, much is harmless fun. But for Kevin Rudd it does tarnish the goody two shoes image he has cultivated. John Key has been pretty clean-cut too, but I don't think he has gone out of his way to be holier than thou, like Rudd has.
I guess strip shows are part of the social scene for New York financiers. Rudd, however, did it on a taxpayer funded trip. John's visit was purely private.
And according to The Briefing Room, Score was actually a brothel. Rudd is also accused of handling the merchandise, whereas Key just drunk and watched. Conservatives do not cry 'sexism' and 'exploitation' like lefties do, so no hypocracy here. And that's the issue- lies, double standards and hypocracy.
In the meantime, it seems Dear Leader would make a good pole dancer herself. She is stripping off support, poll by poll, policy by policy, blunder by blunder. Soon, Clark will be totally naked.
It may be an ugly sight to watch, especially as she will get down and dirty and fling mud everywhere, but it's a show Key and the rest of us can lap up. Great entertainment, eh!
Disclosure: Fairfacts Media confesses to visiting Amsterdam as a student and walking down certain streets where the ladies would sit in the window, but I never went inside. On a Brussels trip however, I and friends did enter such a house of ill-repute but did not stay long and neither did we buy 'champagne' for the 'ladies' present.
More recently, as a backpacker, Fairfacts Media visited Bangkok's infamous Patpong Road area, where I attended a show where the girls did unmentionable things with ping pong balls and razor blades, and nearby you could select which ever teenage boy you wanted, asking for the number he was carrying on stage around his neck. In all cases, Fairfacts Media remained sober throughout and never purchased any of the services on offer. I just enjoyed the spectacle of it all- being something you do not see back home.


Matt Nolan said...

If strippers start coming to National party conferences, I'm becoming a paying party member. And to think, I'm a complete neutral.

Puckle said...

A bit rich of the Bilious Bitch considering the reputation that Panty Slut Boy carries with him. To say nothing of the rest of BB's caucus, kapok and beared clam munchers all!

Disclosure : BTW, Fairfacts, my wife and I visited one of those clubs (Patpong 3 Rd as I recall) on our honeymoon back in the 1980's. No monkey business though. Pure curiosity ;-)

As I recall we were charged an entry fee then they tried to extort an exit fee when we left!

Puckle said...

whuups... bearded clam munchers.

darned typos

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

FFM. I reckon you poll dancer is a bloke.

Anonymous said...

"whereas Key just drunk and watched"

Key was drunk? You heard it here first folks.


No anonymous, I did not say Key was drunk.
I said Key "just drunk and watched"
Should I have inserted the words "his beer" or something?

Nah, Adolf, I still think the poll dancer is female.
And I thought there were 3 :)