Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Key Derangement Syndrome strikes again

Confirmation of Liarbour's desperation comes from Pete "Gollum" Hodgson's latest ruse to defeat National.
If you cannot use fair and reasoned argument, lets try and find a technicality.
Thus, Pete Hodgson accused John Key of making false declarations on where he lived, which if proven, could force the National Party Leader to step down from Parliament.

"Tell the truth!" declared Gollum in his party press release, saying Key's style is to "slip and slide" in what he says.
Now, remember when New Plymouth MP Harry Duyhnhoven breached electoral law by claiming Dutch citizenship, which would have forced him to quit his seat, but Labour changed the law retrospectively so he could keep it?
And though she was later cleared, remember Marion Hobbs having to stand down while inquiries were made into her collection of parliamentary living allowances, along with former Alliance MP Phillida Bunkle- which led to reports recommending changes in how such payments are made?
"Slip and Slide?" That's the Liarbour way.
"Tell the truth?" Liarbour doesn't know what it means.


Cactus Kate said...
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Cactus Kate said...

Talk about "nothing to see here".

Pick any name of a slightly famous person from the Companies Register and chances are their address details are out of date, people move house too regularly and are always behind updating. Tens of thousands of addresses on the register will be out of date.

As long as he complies with the Electoral Act this is a complete nothing.

Lets start with a review of MP's pecuniary interests.

Far more interesting.

Gooner said...

Kate's right - absolutely nothing 'story' from the Labour Party strategist.

I'm going to blog some quotes from the Herald story to show just how piss poor this 'story' is.